The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






So after a happy stay with Sally and Niner I travelled over for a wonderful Sunday lunch with my brother Mike and his family.  Even though I had wanted to keep on travelling it was so good to come back and see everyone again.  My niece and nephew are growing up so very quickly, and its always lovely to see them.


The work on Thebus was finished even more quickly than I thought so I spent a couple of days at Malvern Caravan Club site, which gave me time to get Thebus a bit tidied up and meet up with a couple of friends who live in the town.  And I also made new friends with a lovely couple parked up next to me at the caravan site who had been motor homing for years and at last explained how my TV worked.  


Then onto catch up with old friends and neighbours from home.  And it was super to see them all again, and I was treated to some wonderful meals.  The weather was stunning, almost too hot, and I had a lovely time - and before I started my next journey, which was to be to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice I still had time to pop and see Chris - the living and breathing Sat Nav - who had been my saviour on several occasions at the start of my travels.  And it was he who suggested that as Stonehenge was halfway to Cornwall, and as Cornwall was lovely at this time of year I should travel on down there, but more of that later.  He had a good look round Thebus and although I apologised for the odd bump and scratch he said I had done terrifically well, and he would be delighted if he sent his deliverers out on such a journey and they returned as unscarred.


Dave who had helped me with the house for almost longer than I can remember was back from his winter sojourn in Cuba, so we met up on Bromyard Downs, and Roger, who had helped in the garden for nearly as long as Dave, and been following my travel journal popped by as well, so all in all it was a lovely time seeing everyone.


Then, as it had been so very hot I discovered that the air conditioning, which I had mentioned in the ‘snagging list’ as not always working, had decided it was still playing up.  So Thebus had to be rushed back to Signature for more sorting.  


And now begins a somewhat sorry part of my story.  I popped by the field to see Sally and Niner, and Sally saw me in through the gate, which is very tight, being just a normal field gate, plus it is set at an angle and on a slope as well.  Having got in and had a natter, Sally had to go out on a job and not thinking I let her go without seeing me out.  With the result that Thebus had a bad smack on his rear end when I pulled down too sharply trying to get out onto the single track lane just in front of the gate.  Of course the back is a large fibreglass moulded panel, and the gatepost was steel and firmly concreted in all round.  Between them there was no contest.  To say I was upset would be an understatement, but it was done, and that was all there was too it.