The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters







After a silent night the day dawned warm and sunny and stayed that way, and I could see across to a nearby hilltop with masts, so the internet connection was good. Phoebe wanted to lie out in the sun and it was so still and peaceful that we stayed on till well gone lunchtime before thinking of making a move


I had a walk up to the nearby ruins of a very early chapel and church with fablous views out to the coast and up to the encircling hills behind. The crofts here are thatched with reeds covered with ropes weighted down with stones to prevent the thatch being blown away in the ever present winds.  But they certainly present a charming scene.  I think many of the inhabitant here may be older and still crofting, though there are incomers moved in as well.  One of the old Blackhouses has been converted for use as a Youth Hostel (which is what drew me down here originally).


I would think the walking out to the beach over the machair would be wonderful, and apparently there is very interesting geology along the shore line as well.  It was much too far for me to countenance, but I enjoyed my stay at Tobha Mor and had I not needed to be back in Oban for early June would have stayed on longer.  Round the clusterd crofts and small lochs there are literally acre upon acre of wild yellow flag iris just about to come into bloom, and when they do it will be a spectacular sight.


The previous evening I had watched the sun slowly set out across the machair, though it was still light enough to walk around at gone eleven thirty and I took a photo of the horizon at midnight with a thin band of sea just showing a phosphorescent glow. The sun only just below the horizon


But sadly I had to move on, so much to Phoebe's disappointment we packed up and headed south, drifting slowly on down the coast with the intention of having a meal at the Polochar Inn, which I had heard did a wonderful Chowder and excellent Scallops.