The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






As usual we arrived good and early at Rug Chapel, especially not knowing how narrow the North Wales lanes would be around there, and the gates being shut we parked in front of them.  I could have opened then and driven in, but somehow that seems impolite.  Of course it meant when the lady arrived to open the visitor centre we were right in her way, but she was kindness itself and opened up the gates, and we tucked ourselves away as best as possible.


The visitor centre there is rather splendid then one walks round to the chapel through a very pretty little garden walk.  The chapel itself is very plain from the outside, but the inside more that makes up for that, and every surface, even the backs of the pews are covered with the most glorious technicolour decoration.


One of the things I am wanting to see on my travels are the beautiful ‘Angel Rooves'  and there are some of the most wonderful Angels at Rug.  Even the pew ends are interesting being beautifully carved from one single huge log.

The nice lady in the visitor centre was called Jean and she suggested I then went on to Llangar.  I had been worried that it would be too narrow for Thebus, but she assured me I would be fine and that dogs were allowed as well, though not in the church. So we headed on up and although I foolishly missed the layby which comes just before the sign for the chapel after a short, though challenging tour of the surrounding area we managed to turn and arrived back.  


Putting Phoebe on her lead I thought she would enjoy the walk down to the chapel, and as I was walking reasonably, plus knew we would be going over fields I decided to chance it without the scooter and take my time.  In the event it was quite a long walk for me, and unfortunately when we neared the chapel there was a large sign saying ‘No Dogs’ a whole field away from the chapel gates.  


It was too far to go back and return, and although Phoebe will stay I doubt she would stay for half and hour or more in a strange place.  What to do?  I carefully arranged her lead and tied it to the end of the gate.  I will NEVER EVER do that again.  I did go up to the chapel but we had made good time with our walk and though the attendent was there in the churchyard he disappeared and didn't open the doors until the allotted time. So that took up a few minutes, which I used to photograph the outside.  When in I took some photos and of course as we were alone the guide chatted, but as soon as I  could I headed back to Phoebe.  Passing two couples heading up to the Chapel I asked if Phoebe was alright to which they replied - Oh is that your dog, we had to wave our sticks to get her out of the way, but in the end she jumped in the ditch.


Now considering it was a normal eight or ten foot field gate and Phoebe was at the hinge end I found that an amazing thing to say, and I am confident that anyone who had met Phoebe would agree with me.  Rushing back now as fast as I could she was okay and had obviously got out of the ditch WHICH WAS ABOUT THREE OR MORE FEET DEEP, and full of brambles and nettles.  She was limping and looked pretty upset which was hardly surprising.  I was just grateful that she hadn't hurt herself badly or even strangled herself!


Though this is being written sometime after the event my heart is pounding just thinking what might have happened.  One thing I shall never do again no matter how much I want to see a place or how far the walk back is Phoebe will never, never, ever be tied up like that again.