The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






I may have a new travelling companion, or at least I am thinking so. Because of my many internet and laptop problems I have been spending more time using the iphone, and it has a map system with voice direction. It is much more user friendly than the Tom Tom (Strict Lady), though I am unsure how well the connection will hold up in the more remote areas. The new “voice” is a man, very brisk and businesslike, and slightly more quietly spoken than Strict Lady, obviously designed with BMW's and Mercedes in mind rather than forty ton diesel trucks. I have his volume turned up to maximum but he is still only just distinguishable above Thebus engine plus the various rattles from the crockery and pans


The new man said it was just fifteen miles away, so we had an easy drive, and he delivered us to the exact spot without having to go through the one hundred questions routine about which town, which street and which road number. All I did was type in Polochar Inn and he did the rest. Hmmmmm..... I think Strict Lady may be getting her marching orders for good. I have been using her for getting me from town to town, as it is a little more relaxing than having to watch for signposts, but I have long ago given up any idea of her even knowing of my destination, let alone actually getting me to it.


The Polochar Inn has an absolutely stunning location. I would think it would be a good hotel to stay at as well, looking nicely maintained, but in a laid back, low key sort of way. I popped into the bar to see if I could book for a meal, and the young lady seemed marginally worried till she asked how many for and I apologetically said – only one. It turned out she had seen me turning Thebus and thought we were a coach trip, hence the worries about whether they could find tables for us all!


I had heard the Chowder was good, and it was even better than I had hoped. Exactly to my taste, a wonderfully large portion and absolutely filled with lovely, lovely seafood. And for the main course I had three of the largest scallops I have ever seen, and beautifully cooked as well. I have to say I was so full I didn't even want to look at the pudding menu, but a fine meal all round, and really nice friendly people there. If anyone is thinking of visiting this area then the..... is an absolute must.


They were happy for me to stay parked up on the edge of the carpark at the front, and though I had only parked there to be as out of the way as possible I was lucky to be facing west and the sunset over the sea that evening was truly spectacular. The views all round in that tired old phrase, are to die for. But the sunsets are something else – maybe they are views to live for! I sat in the front of Thebus for hours just enjoying the changing colours of the clouds and sea a truly memorable evening.









































I decided to set the alarm for midnight and for three just to see what was happening after the midnight photo of last night, but unbeknown to me the weather had changed, so not only was there nothing to see in the night but we woke to a grey dull day.