The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






The road up to Penmon Point was narrow but not too bad and by the side of the old priory is a largish carpark, so I parked up and obediently waited to pay my toll and travel down the road to the point.  When the two guys in charge arrived I paid my fee - the one taking the money magnanimously saying he would not charge me coach rates.. and went to get ready to take Thebus down to the point, only to be told I was too large to go down there!!!!!!


I must say I felt a bit cross about it all, but thought I might as well look round the priory whilst I was there especially now I had paid,  so parked where I thought I would be out of the way, only to be told to move Thebus again, but that is one of the joys of driving something like Thebus.   No matter! So we parked where they wanted, though I felt we were more in the way than before, and feeling just a little grumpy I climbed the steps to look round the old priory.  


It is a lovely old building with some very early carvings, and beautiful stone arches, and real sense of peace, so feeling somewhat soothed I wondered whether I could make it down to the point on the scooter, but for some reason once I got the rack down ready to unload, the scooter was having non of it, and sent me a coded error message through its bleepers.


Oh No! This day was not turning out well at all.


Still, not to be put off I got on the telephone - thank goodness there was a phone signal - and spoke to the scooter manufacturers, who very kindly explained that the switch controlling the brake release had probably clicked off.  Hooray.  Scooter sprang into action and I headed down the somewhat long road to the point, taking Phoebe with me.


The day was beautiful so we had no worries there, but you can imagine my crossness when on getting close to the shore there were several motorhomes already parked up there.  And even more annoying they explained there was no parking fee at the Priory car park and the £2,50  was for the toll road, and having paid the toll parking at The Point for camper vans was free.  Arrrggggghhhh.


Never mind.  We had a good look round and Phoebe enjoyed her view of the sea.  For some reason she likes to look out over the sea and smell the sea air, normally with ears flying in the breeze.  The lighthouse bell was ringing and the sight and sound of the sea was wonderful.


It was uphill all the way back, but the scooter did well and we even detoured round the back of the priory to the ancient and wonderfully peaceful holy well there.  Its amazing how many ancient Christian buildings are at springs.  I would guess that folk had been worshipping at such sites for millennia before the coming of Christianity and it would just be a good place to set up a hermitage and preach the new religion hoping for converts, then gradually the buildings would get bigger and grander, until the original holy site is generally forgotten.  But here it was well looked after, and you could go in and taste the crystal clear water as it filled a deep, cool cyst in front of the spring.  Phoebe was very thirsty after her long walk on such a hot day, but for some reason refused to go near the water.  I have noticed in the past that dogs are very in tune to things with which we can no longer connect.


But she had a drink back in Thebus, and although all the motorhomers down at the Point had told me to insist on my right to drive down and park, especially as I had paid, somehow I just could not be bothered with the aggravation, so instead just drove on.


Heading over the island we crossed over high land and there in a field beside the road were standing stones, but they were not marked, and I could see no way whatever to get to them, but pulling into a layby managed to photograph them over the hedge from my high perch in Thebus’ driving seat.


I had thought to visit the lighthouse and RSPB lands at South Stacks, though as we neared it there was quite a bit of traffic, and the roads there are not the widest, so I parked up in the bottom carpark and we sat looking out over acres of moorland towards the sea.  The track leading to the castellated observation tower looked too rough for the scooter, and too far for me to risk it, but we had lovely views to enjoy.