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The tour of some of Oxfords buildings I had booked started at just gone nine in the morning and worrying that the taxi might get tangled in rush hour traffic I ordered it for eight, the driver must have had similar thoughts and got to me at about quarter to with happy result that I was in the heart of Oxford before it was really up and doing so managed to have a quiet time wandering round some of its courtyards and byways almost on my own


I had travelled over from Stowe in the dark on Saturday and from then until Wednesday it rained almost incessantly apart from when I needed to fill the water tank and empty the waste tanks, but the morning of my Oxford visit was dry with a promise of sun, and I felt blessed.


During all the years I spent in the Midlands with Oxford only a short drive away, yet it was another of those places that I simply drove round, or possible in the early days drove through without bothering to stop. But today in the quiet of the early morning I was just blown away by the beauty of the architecture.  Perhaps its one of those things that it better appreciated after a lifetime of experience, rather than be dragged to as a child, or give just a cursory glance as a young adult who’s mind is absorbed by different things, such as shopping :-)


The colour of the stone is just stunning, and many of the main building were designed by Wren a mathematician there.  Apparently he had been called to London before the disaster of The Great Fire to advise on how to improve St. Paul’s and his advise was to pull it down and start again.  Of course many of the buildings there pre-date Wren by many centuries, but they all jumble together in a happy and delightful melange.


Round every corner and at the end of every passageway revealed another delightful vista, or stunning architectural delight. Sometimes on this tour with places such as Stowe and Oxford I feel soaked in the pleasure of the beautiful things life has to offer when we take the time to pause and truly see things.  My life until now seems to have been filled with the need to be doing things that have to be done, and I am truly enjoying my travels, however long they may last.


As I have just discovered how to upload to YouTube I will let some of the photos of my day in Oxford say the rest





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