The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






Because of Phoebe, and my then going back late round the gardens we didn’t actually leave Stowe until just as the sun was beginning to set, which of course meant more travel on country lanes in the dark, and with quite heavy traffic as we neared Oxford.


Strict Lady had decided to take us through a village called Isley.  On the approach road there was a warning sign for no vehicles over 7.5 tons.  Now although Thebus is under 7.5 tons and is perfectly entitled to be on this type of road there is always a quandary.  Do they not want large vehicles in the town because some of the councillors live there and don’t like the noise and disturbance, or are the roads unsuitable for larger vehicles?  


I have to make an instant decision, and in this case, knowing we were less than a few miles from our destination and it may well be that each and every approach road to our site would have similar restrictions and in the end I would have to take one or another of them, so hoping it was the councillors sleep rather than road difficulties I turned as Strict Lady instructed.  She has after all been programmed with all the weights and measurements, and I have set the controls up so each time I enter a postcode it checks my (or rather Thebus') vitals statistics before calculating a route


By now not only was it pitch dark, but raining quite heavily, and my cold seemed to be taking a turn for the worse as the evening drew on.  Then up ahead the stone cottages flanking the village street seemed to be getting closer and closer together, plus the road had an attractive little bend in it, somewhat shorter than Thebus’ length.  Still we survived that, only to be confronted with something even tighter.  Eeeeeekkkkk very slowly inching forward we did make it through, but only just.  I think having watched these two clips someone posted to the internet just the week before might have helped me, as I thought if he could get that bus through there I could surely get Thebus down a village street



































So we made it through and thankfully there was nothing worse before Strict Lady complacently announced that I had reached my destination, and thankfully she was right.


Pulling into the farmyard I was just about to get out when the very friendly and helpful farmer / site owner came out with a torch to show me the way up to the pitches and help me get settled in.


Next morning was again foggy, but it is a wonderful peaceful setting, high on the escarpement overlooking the Thames Valley, as I found out when the fog lifted after a few days.  I had always intended to stay until Wednesday as I had prebooked a tour of the Bodleian Library and Radcliffe Camera, but my cold which had been hanging around hit me hard, and I was glad just to have a couple of days inside keeping warm, and sleeping it off.