The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters







The show at Burtonwood finished in the afternoon, and I wasn't really certain where I was headed next except I thought it would be good to travel from here along the North Coast of Wales.  Of course the day soon darkened but I had a caravan park in mind.  Strict Lady was up to her usual tricks and we did a small circuit of a town I would have rather not visited, but I escaped and then realised we had missed my intended stopping place.  Pulling over I fired up the internet and found somewhere else that looked a possibility, but again I missed the turning - no help from SL once again -  and suddenly we found ourselves right down at the sea front with large empty carparks facing the somewhat grey looking sea.  


It was the sea of my childhood Sunday School outings, wide and flat and not a huge amount of wave action.  Still it was the sea, and there was an empty carpark, by now it was almost dark but I could see a sign which was unfortunately all in Welsh, I found out later it said No Camping, but I am not sure if we were parked or camped, parked I think.  Anyway it was dark by then and next morning I noticed another motorhome further on down, and a large white van at the other end so I presume it was all okay, and I stayed on to cook breakfast.  Walking Phoebe I met the other incumbents who said at this time of year no-one took much notice and so I stayed on for the day hoping it would brighten and I could enjoy the sea which I hadn’t seen for a while, but although it didn’t rain it stayed a grey, sad sort of a day.  


Off shore in the distance were masses and masses, and then even more masses of giant wind turbines, all motionless bar one in the still and slightly foggy air.  But I have to say they didn’t look out of keeping against the steel blue of the sea, if anything they added interest. I have to say I don’t approve of wind turbines.  After getting seriously interested in alternative energy in the early eighties I paid for and booked a fairly expensive course for me and my brother at the Centre for Alternative Technology, with the idea of producing my own wind power for the little farm I was se, and my brother with his engineering background attending with me to help me with the more technical side of it.  I came away a sadder wiser, and somewhat poorer person.  


The things which stuck in my mind as the most disappointing was arriving early and mooching about on our own, the first thing we came across was a large diesel generator, then some enormous mounds of coal.  But by far the most disappointing of all was when I insisted that we walked up the hill to visit the large wind turbine, and after much prevarication the group was finally taken up only to find it locked - we obviously wanted to see inside.  In the end they admitted that it hadn’t worked for some considerable time and they couldn’t find anyone to repair it.   Somewhat disillusioned  by this experience I have not given much credence to wind power since, and seeing just one of the one hundred and sixty giant turbines doing their stuff today did little to change my mind.

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