The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters







It was an interesting night at the lighthouse with quite   few comings and goings until about one a.m. the next morning, so I assume it is the local "park up" spot, They didn't bother us at all, but when the last car turned up at about one’ish I was fast asleep, but I must have the sort of brain, which although in slumber mode is still listening.  So I instantly woke, even though the car was coasting in quietly and almost all you could  hear was the soft noise of the tyres crunching on the gravel


Opening the bottom of the bedroom blind to take a peek and reassure myself all was well and it was only a courting couple I was immediately aware of a rhythmic sweeping of greenish/orangey light over the short turf.  It must be a fantastic showing of the Northern Lights, and this car had come up to capture some wonderful photos from the north eastern point of the island where there is nothing but sea and sky between us and the North Pole


I staggered sleepily out of bed, stumblingly dressed, and found my emergency driving glasses for use without contact lenses.  Crashing out through the door in my haste not to miss this spectacle the door opened and it was so bright it almost felt like daylighting


Did I mention I was parked up next to the lighthouse.  


Yes, you have guessed it!  It had gone to bed early for some reason feeling more than usually tired and it was still light.  Of course the lighthouse hadn’t been working, but now at gone midnight it was in full glorious swing, and that was what I had seen.  Wondering whether the courting couple thought I was some sort of peeping Thomasina I wearily got undressed again and went back to bed.  But I don’t think I can have put them off as they stayed for about an hour, then quietly slipped away again, only briefly rousing me from my second slumber


Next morning I wanted to visit a couple I had met via the internet who had a cafe up here, but as they didn’t ope till about eleven, so I wandered around the headland and cliffs taking photos. Its a lovely spot up here and I took loads of super photos, which have again been eaten by the virus.  The lighthouse the rocky headlands, the early nesting birds - wonderful.  


There was a single seagull floating on a moorland pool. I had expected him to fly off when we were walking around but no, he just stayed there, and I saw him later looking for worms and insects in the grass.   Thinking perhaps he was injured and could not fly and probably remembering the seagull in Watership Down I found a couple of slices of bread and threw it for him on his little moorland, pond.  At which point he promptly took off and sailed away down over the cliff, leaving me feeling somewhat of a litter lout, though I expect something came along to eat it later


It was a lovely little cafe, converted from what was probably and old croft house, though just being used as a store when they arrived back in the 90's.  Having done it up as a workshop someone said it would make a brilliant cafe and it has gone from strength to strength whilst they bought their family up.  There were beautifully made hand decorated cakes and nice fresh coffee, and we had a chat about the northern lights, though they laughed at me last night and my lighthouse lights


Apparently it is pretty well too light now at night to get a decent viewing anyway.  But they suggested that a must see was the Clach an Trushal stone,  a single standing stone, possibly  the highest in europe which sounded good, though they seemed a little uncertain as to whether we would get down to it in Thebus.