The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters







Well it is very nearly a year now since I wrote the first page of my journal.  Time has flown by, though it also seems so long ago it almost like another lifetime - which I suppose in fact it is.  I have visited so many fantastic places, done so many interesting things, and met so very many, truly wonderful people.  It has been literally life changing, and so far I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.  


I have decided to stay on in the UK for a while yet as there are so many more places I have always wanted to visit. though I thought to be in Europe by now, and it would have been a great help to my arthritis, which these last few weeks has been playing up dreadfully.  Yesterday was the first day since I started travelling that I really couldn’t move about at all.  I am currently in Kent and in a caravan site quite close to Leeds Castle, which I have always loved and promised myself that I would visit, but on getting out of bed yesterday thought that not only might I not get to Leeds Castle, but may very well have to stay where I was for a few weeks.


But this morning for no apparent reason it seems much better.  It made me think how much I/we take for granted in our lives.  The difference in just twenty four hours really made me appreciate what I do have.  I am so quick to complain when things go wrong, yet forget to be thankful in the good times.  So perhaps my bad knee was a gentle (or not so gentle)  reminder to me.  On the other hand (or knee in this case) as I could not move I just sat and tried to get to grips with my photo programmes and the upshot is  - that I now have a You Tube Channel.  Amazing as less that a month ago I thought it was Utube and could never understand why I couldn’t find it!


So although there is not all that much on there yet if you follow this

LINK and then click the button which says SUBSCRIBE usually in red, then anytime I add anything new you get notified.  At the moment I will be just catching up with lots of the missing photos from the older pages, but once that is done when a new entry is up you will know.  I think its a good idea, but do let me know if you preferred it when the photos were on the journal page itself rather than how it is at present.


If you are not an aficionado of this modern technology you can either stay on the journal page and click the arrow in the middle of the picture below in which case the photos will scroll through, or if you want to see larger images you can click in the bottom right hand corner to go to You Tube, and once there you can see the images in much larger sizes - even full screen if you want.  The button for that is again at the bottom right hand corner, and looks a bit like those little silver paper corners we used to use to put photographs into those black paper paged photo albums


When I was about eight someone gave me a Kodak 127 and a photograph album with silk tassels.  I immediately took photos of the ponies where I was given riding lessons.  One was called Custard - he was about twenty seven and my mount, and his companion was Jerry and a much livelier beast.  Lovingly fixing their photos to the page, with the embossed silver corners at crazy angles I wrote in white pencil beneath 'Cursed and Gory' - it became a long lived family joke.  There are only photos on the first few pages of that particular photograph album, as either my enthusiasm waned or film was not forthcoming.  I doubt my pocket money would have stretched to buying rolls of film, at a penny for each year of your age - and an old penny at that.


Every photograph album I have started since then suffered a similar fate, and since getting computers I have found that though the photos are easy to put on one rarely sorts or files them properly, plus I have a backlog of about five broken down computers all with photos I can no longer access.   I am hoping for better results with ‘the cloud’ on my side now I have Apple, but its early days and we will have to wait and see.


One thing which has surprised me is how much I have enjoyed keeping my online journal.  Without doing it there are so many parts of my journey I would have forgotten, so although it was started initially to let all those ‘at home’ know what I was doing it has resulted in my keeping ‘a diary’ for the first time in my life, other than those I got in my annual Christmas stocking.  Small black leather ones with a stubby ivory topped pencil in a channel at the back, and a week to two pages.  


Jan 1st - New Year’s Resolutions.. .......Keep my diary up to date...........!!!!