The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters







I had two lots of fish and chips whilst in Oban. I would have dearly loved to have tried the seafood at the little green shack by the ferry terminal, which has an excellent reputation but it closed at five, and each day I was involved with doing something until after it had closed. So I contented myself with trying the fish and chips from two 'rival' establishments. I use the words advisedly as I asked both of the taxi drivers I met which was the best fish and chip shop to try and they both answered – that's fighting talk in Oban.


Having tried two of the better known ones, I will just say that they were both good in different ways, and hope to leave any feathers (or perhaps I should say scales) unruffled.


After my first portion which had to be by far the biggest piece of haddock I have ever eaten and I would have cut into three for cooking at home – the chips were good too – I needed to move Thebus before Monday when I was to travel on The Waverley.


High above Oban, and beautifully lit at night time is McCaig’s Tower. This was apparently built by Mr. MaCaig in the nineteenth century and was intended to be used as a family mausoleum.  At that time in history many of the local stonemasons were unemployed during the winter months and he gave them work building the tower Unfortunately he died before it was completed and did not provide funds for completing the work after his death, but the locals stonemasons finished it in his honour.


It is now owned by the town and beautifully kept up. With both the interior and the approaches planted with flowering shrubs, neatly pruned and the lawns immaculately trimmed. A real tribute to the town I thought, and views out over the harbour are just stunning. Its definitely not to be missed if you visit Oban, preferably I would say at dusk just as the town and harbour is lighting up. As luck would have it I took Phoebe for and exploratory stroll just as The Waverley was steaming into harbour to tie up for the night. A lovely sight, and a real taster for the morrow.


There is a reasonable size carpark up at the tower, and a bit at the side which I assumed was for coaches so we squeezed in there, and I think were well out of anyone's way for the time we spent there. I will say the approach road is narrow, very steep in places, and with tight bends and lots of parked cars, so it is not for the faint hearted. It does say at the bottom 'unsuitable for long vehicles', but thinking that Thebus wasn't all that long at twenty eight feet now we have lost the Wretched Rack I decided to give it a go, and the thing is with Thebus once you are embarked on a route, then one is pretty well committed. And we did make it to the top and back down again.


Unsurprisingly there were a few comings and goings in the carpark which is only to be expected at a local scenic beauty spot in a reasonable size town with a goodish tourist population, but after midnight it was pretty quiet