The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters







The mirror finally arrived and was fitted. The fitting itself was really easy and if it happens again even I could fix one on - I think it took longer to print out the bill than it did to do the work.


While I had been parked the weather was good.  Not much wind and plenty of sunshine.  Even some of the midges thought it was ok and came out to play, but the last day just as the mirror was fixed the weather changed to cold fog and rain, the sort of days we might expect in November in The Midlands.


I still had my own virus and was coughing badly every time I stepped outside the warmth of the bus, plus the virus on the laptop just wouldn't give in and kept reappearing at the drop of a hat.  Billy suggested he tried to save whatever of the photos and files could be rescued, and then totally reformat the disc.  So if any of the photos of the various places I have visited  before I reached Stornoway can be rescued they will need to go on at a later date


As a trial run to see if I was up to travelling again I decided to visit the Callanish Stones.  To get there involved a drive over a vast expanse of the brown peat and heather moorland which seems to cover large parts of Lewis and we arrived just after a bus load of Americans and a coach load of Japanese tourists, so the place was pretty crowded and noisy.  I was kicking myself for not having come out earlier, as these sort of sites are nothing if you are viewing them with a myriad other people, most of whom are really not interested at all.


Sometimes I wonder why folk bother, but I suppose it just one thing along a well trodden tourist trail.  There was large group of Americans standing right in the middle of the stone circle, eating packets of snacks and discussing the packets of snacks they still had left to eat back on the coach.  And miscellaneous others were just milling aimlessly about.  As one said - I had better take a photo of the sign or I shan't know what it was.


But I was lucky. There was a ten minute gap between the two parties departing and more folk arriving, and just for a brief interlude I could experience the place properly, and feel something of the ancient haunting atmosphere of the enigmatic stones, high on their  windswept hillside.  And if I ever do return I will make a very early morning visit, or maybe just at sunset would be good.











































Not too far from the Callanish Stones there is a restored village and it was well worth the visit, even though the road down to it was quite tight with Thebus wheels reaching either side of the tarmac pretty well all the way along.













































I still felt okay, though the cough was determinedly hanging on in there, but I was interested in finding out more about the world famous Isle of Lewis Chessmen so I took a run over to  the beach at Uig where they were discovered in the early 19th C by a local crofter.  It was thought the chessmen were part of a trader's stock and were possibly en route to Ireland when the whole of the area was still controlled by the Norsemen, but once again scholars are reverting to the idea that they were owned by a wealthy and important person living in the area.


The journey there took longer than I thought and by the time we arrived it was too late for the museum, though Phoebe had a great time sniffing around  the myriad rabbit burrows in the huge sand dunes backing the beach  Although she had a desultory dig at a couple of burrows she didnt uncover any of the missing chess pieces  for me :-(











































The long run to Uig, was very scenic with rocky, mountainous landscape, and it was a long run home to my layby but I headed straight back, as Billy and I were intending to share a farewell takeaway so I was looking forward to my first ever "Sausage Supper" in the event it was a sausage supper with extras, as not only did I have two battered sausages and chips, but also a piece of Stornoway Black Pudding in batter.  I had requested a deep fried Mars Bar, but apparently that was not on the menu!


So it was farewell to "Lovely Stornoway" as the title of the song says.