The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






Today I got my wires totally crossed.  I thought someone I met had said there was a brilliant campsite at Chester, and maybe there is - that is for future research - anyway I booked into a Caravan Club site, and though on driving the road signs for Chester appeared a long way before Strict Lady was telling me we were due to arrive - but I assumed it was one of those places with an endless ring road, and that we were just skirting the town and going to approach it from a different angle.


On arriving and asking at the office after booking in it turned out that we were now seven miles from Chester, and though officially Super Scooter has a range of fifteen miles I think that must be on billiard table top flatness and with a five stone weakling at the wheel, not a !*?*! stone weakling.


So, disappointingly we were not to see Chester on this trip.  It is one of the places I had actually made the effort to visit many years ago, and remember being impressed with the first and second floor walkways, though today I consoled myself by thinking they might be out of my reach now.


So what to do stuck seven miles from Chester?  


Well actually the site is just round the corner, quite literally from Cheshire Oaks, an absolutely huge and rather splendid retail outlet.  It that what they are called now? Or is it Designer Outlet.  It wasnt a ‘Mall’ I don’t think as this one is pretty well outdoors, and more or less in a huge circle, so if you just start where you come in and progress either clockwise or anticlockwise you get back to your exit knowing you have seen all the shops.  And brilliant shops they are too.  Real ‘Retail Therapy’ and as I have not really been ‘shopping’ as such for years I rather enjoyed it, though it did feel the sort of place you should get dressed up to visit, which worrying about the weather I hadn’t.  But I still came away with several carrier bags of things I had never even thought about needing or even wanting, so unless there is something I specially need to buy I think I shall steer well clear of this particular Caravan Club site, as the visit proved rather expensive.


Mind you each item I bought was very good value (or at least that is what I convinced myself when I got back to Thebus and unpacked it all)  In fact I was so convincing that next morning I went back for a second helping.


Now the centre doesn't open that early in the morning so I got there just as the first shops were opening bought some of the things I had left behind the day before then headed back, on my way passing the first person I have ever seen shopping in ‘night attire’  


I think probably a ‘footballers wife’ or at least a wannabe footballers wife -  huge fluffy animal slippers,  pyjamas and housecoat plus baby in pushchair - though they were probably all ‘Designer’ products - maybe even the infant.


I do enjoy this travelling - I get to see all sorts :)