The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






We sat in the carpark below the RSPB buildings as the hot sunny afternoon gradually changed to warm evening.  Although the view was lovely from where we were, and the road up to the RSPB looked steep and narrow, plus all afternoon the carpark up there looked too full to countenance us getting in I hankered to get higher up, and have a better view out towards the lighthouse.


As the cars thinned, and very few more seemed left to come down the narrow road I decided to give it a go, and we inched out of the carpark - the road being angled for those going down not up at the exit - and finally parked up looking out over the sea.  And the view was good there, but still not of much as the lighthouse as I thought.  


Wandering round the almost empty carpark with Phoebe I kept seeing the odd car going on up the hill, and thought about trying to get up it on the scooter, thought it did look a bit steep.  Then seeing someone out in a garden opposite I took my chance of asking what the road was like further on up, and whether having got there we would be able to turn round to get back down again.


What a nice guy he was.  He had moved here a while ago to be with his partner and loved it here.  And what fantastic views they had from the house.  He was fascinated with my driving Thebus and had seen us coming up to the top carpark complete with mobility scooter on the back, so we had a lovely long chat.  He thought Phoebe was great and had a beautiful Weimaraner of his own, so we chatted dogs as well.  The outcome was he said just go for it, and going back to Thebus we did.  And I was not disappointed.  The views were wonderful as the sun went down over the lighthouse and seas beyond, and there was plenty of space for us to park and turn, even though it was a bit slopey.


Before long he and his partner came on up and had a good look round Thebus.  What a lovely couple they were.  She asked me if I had plenty of food, which I did as I was about to cook myself a nice stir-fry, but guess what about half an hour later, after they had eaten their meal he bought me up some lovely hot apple crumble and custard, what a treat.


I have to say Phoebe and his dog were looking rather enamoured with one another, though I had to tell Phoebe she was much to old for that sort of thing.


Next morning was a bit misty but still lovely and  I walked very slowly up the bank behind us to the very top.  I am so pleased I made the effort the take Thebus up to the very top carpark, otherwise I would have missed so much.


Going back down I took one last photo of the lighthouse, and noticed a sign forbidding cycling down the footpath opposite, which led to the castellated lookout tower.  You probably can’t tell from the photo how very steep and dangerous this was, but I can assure you that even an able bodied person would have difficulty walking down it, let alone cycle down it.