The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters








The Delting Boating Club and Marina are situated just by the main road through Brae, though the sign is easy to miss from the northern approach.  You are unlikely to come at it that way but I was doubling back from my stay in Eshaness.  On my way north I had spotted Frankie's Fish and Chip Shop opposite the garage in Brae – and I knew it had won awards and had come second in the entire UK for the quality of its offerings, so I decided a visit there was in order.  


The menu was large and varied for a  fish and chip shop, with a lovely café attached if you wanted to eat in, though I decided on a take away, and feeling hungry went for the large size of  fish and chips.  And it was most definitely large.  In fact I think it was the largest, and thickest portion of fish I have ever eaten in my entire life, and it was freshly fried to order with crisp, crunchy batter.  Unfortunately for them I had already eaten of the manna provided at Lerwick Museum, otherwise I would have been lavish in my praise.  I will say that value for money was excellent, and I certainly could not finish my portion, though I did manage to eat all the fish, freshly caught by local boats.


It was a bit tight turning Thebus in their carpark to get back out again, but I am definitely getting more confidence with manoeuvring him, plus I am looking into getting another mirror fitted so I can see the offside wheel, at least at the front  which should make things easier.  Having escaped from the car park I took my Fish and Chips with me and headed for Delting Marina to get settled for the night.
































































































































Thebus tucked in beside the bank on the harbour at Delting Boating Club

View from the Marina at Delting Boating Club

looking towards Brae, with the sea looking like ruched satin


And in Shetland even the clouds are impossibly pretty


Once again the views were stunning.  I am almost getting bored with typing those words out, but it simply has to be done, or you would not know just what a terrific place this is to visit.  The day was still overcast from the rain earlier, but a watery sun was breaking through, though it was low and bright across the water, reflecting and making photos difficult, but by the next day the sun was beautiful so I have included the photos here so you can get an idea of what the Marina might be like in the summer months.  Everywhere was nice and flat so I could put down the automatic jacks and as we were well tucked in out of the wind, I could extend both the slides So with the electric cable plugged in as well and the fresh water tap close by we were nicely set up for a few days.  


I popped over to have a look at the showers and loos on the ground floor of the club house and they were very good, and once I saw some lights in the club at around seven I went to check I was suitably parked and pay for my stay.  Judging by the small lorry load of beer, wines and spirits the volunteers were stashing away behind the bar from a recent delivery it is going to be a good night on Friday.