The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters








More high winds were forecast and I decided on another night at a ferry terminal but on the opposite side from Whalsay.  At least at the ferry terminals there is some chance of internet.  Unfortunately it being Sunday night there were lots of parked cars, as its cheaper to go over as a passenger than take the vehicles back and forth, so we ended up parked on quite a steep slope and couldn't put the jacks down, and although we were more sheltered we got rocked around almost as much, though it wasnt so noisy.  I had to sleep sideways in the bed otherwise I would have rolled out, but Phoebe seemed happier without all the racket of the night before.  Plus I have been using the generator more, as though its more expensive I don't want to completely run out of LPG for the cooker, which is so convenient if you just want a quick cup of coffee, and our next fill up of gas won't be until back at Watten Loch on mainland Scotland.  The advantage of the generator is that I can use the 2kw electric fan heater and point it directly at my feet, or at Phoebe depending on who's need I think is the greatest, and when good and warm she does seem to relax and sleep better.


Next day was grey again, so although we were still on the slope I decided to hang around and use the interenet.  There is not much point in travelling if you can't see the view, but eventually thinking I didn't want to spend another night on the slope, and knowing there was a highly recommended campsite, which though officially shut was happy to have me stay I decided to move on.  Getting short of petrol I spotted a station which looked reasonably easy to get Thebus into and settled for £120 worth which changed us from a quarter full to nearly three-quarters full, and going into pay, there was lots of lovely food, so I bought some steak from the good butchers I mentioned, and some lovely looking Treacle Pancakes and a Bannock, plus bits and bobs, including White Pudding which I have never had.  I asked a lady shopping next to me how to cook it and it sounds a lot like black pudding, so I may have it with breakfast.  If I get some internet I will look it up.


I knew the campsite was in Eshaness, but for some reason took the turn to Muckle Roe  - I presume Muckle must mean big, remembering that  'Many a Mickle maks a Muckle'   Once again it was disappointing that the weather was grey it would be truly beautiful in the sunshine.  North Mavine is definitely a stunningly scenic part of Shetland.  Having taken the wrong turn I thought I might as well take the opportunity of looking round, though the day was drawing on now, and I wanted to get to the campsite in good time, so I rushed a bit, but the weather made it hardly nice enough to bother to take one's time,and most of the photos were taken from insideThebus as I didn't want to go outside























Re-tracing my route I got on the right road, and by now it was going home time.  This part of Shetland seems more properous, so of course folk are a little more in a hurry and there are more cars, and not wanting to delay anyone I pulled over to let the two or three cars behind pass by.  Amazingly one was driven by a lady I had sold some hatching eggs to when I bred Cuckoo Marans.  She had been following my travels on the internet, and was expecting me in the area, and seeing Thebus' unmistakable stripy presence had dashed after us to have a chat,  Fortunately there was room in the layby for both of us, so we shared cup of coffee and some of the Treacle Pancakes, which were very good.  She works at Ollaberry school and I said I will take Thebus over there one afternoon so the children can have a look round.  


The day was getting dark by the time I finally pulled into Braeside Caravan Park and Cafe, but even so it looked a beautiful spot, and hoping that the following day might be brighter we settled in.







































The site was not officially open, but as soon as I arrived they had been looking out for me and dashed over to connect me up for the night, and also to extend an invitation to the Ladies Craft Circle which met in the cafe that evening at 7.30




















MuckleRoe1 MuckleRoe2 MuckleRoe3


Grey Evening View from Muckle Roe

Braewick Bay