The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters








Waiting for the ferry from Fetlar I suddenly realised I had a phone signal – hurray - so took the opportunity to contact someone else who I had heard of via the internet.  This time our connection was motorhomes, in that they had travelled extensively in the area before settling here in Shetland.  Needing mail forwarded they had kindly agreed to take in various things ready for me to collect when I arrived in Shetland, though with such poor internet and phone connections I hadn’t been able to let them know I was already here.  It  was Sally who had given me the really useful contact for LPG at Watten, which was a godsend.  And whilst I was on the phone to Sally she told me that there was often free wi-fi at the ferry terminals, so I decided to upload some of the back log of my journal.  With only a short wait I couldn’t get much done, but decided to park up at the other end and do some more uploading.  I don’t know if I used up the allocation of wi-fi for the area or if the signal is variable, but after a while it seemed to bag out, and I though I might as well move on and find a parking spot for the night.  


Approaching Mid Yell I realised I had already travelled through on the way up to Unst, and remembered that although, as everyone had said at Fetlar, it would be a perfect spot to stop everywhere being so very dark, I also remembered that there were very few places with a big enough pull in for Thebus.  In fact the only ones I could remember were by BT relay stations, which were, of course very high and exposed, and as the winds had dropped very little if at all I decided against another night of high pressure buffeting.


I wandered on trying various spots which potentially looked good then deciding against them for one reason or another, and suddenly saw a community hall with a large carpark, and thinking on a Sunday night I would probably be in no-one's way I pulled in to take a chance.   Fortunately someone came by not long after and I took the opportunity to check I would not be a nuisance, but they seemed to think it would be fine and I am so glad I did stay, because the views here are stunning.  I hadn't realised where I was but on getting the map out in the morning I was parked up overlooking Yell Sound – and very beautiful it is too.


The winds were strong in the night as it is high here, but the clouds cleared and the day dawned bright and though still very windy, sunny. The light streamed in early though the bedroom window - I had kept the blinds up on in case of a chance of the lights performing, so I got up to get us some heating going and drew back the front blinds to the most fantastic view.  There was a little hill behind us and I am sure if you walked up it would be 360 degrees of loveliness.  The sea in front of was full of islands of varying sizes, almost beckoning you to row over and explore.  I can see why man would become a traveller,  - having got to the first island the next would be that much nearer, and then who could say what was over the horizon.































Although I was intending to move onto Burrivoe though I lingered much longer into the morning as it was just so lovely looking out at the view in the sunshine, with, as always up here, the play of the light on the water and hills.  It must be because the wind brings in the weather so quickly and the views are so far reaching that makes for such a changeable view.  Whatever it is it demands looking at, and the vessels and ferry's moving about in the distance give contrast to the scenery and bring the vastness of the view into scale.


A rain cloud with the rain dropping in sheets beneath approached us over the sound, and as it cleared our hill a big wide rainbow came out, and its end was almost at our feet.  Thebus' windows were  covered with rain, and it was still too wet to want to go out or I would have tried for a photo, so you will just have to use your imagination, but we seemed nestled in beneath its giant arch


Although my mi-fi told me we had a signal and the laptop agreed I couldn’t get onto the internet at all, and as the rain-clouds seemed to be coming in with more frequency I decided to drive down to the ferry port which I could see beneath us to try for an internet connection.   I was in luck so managed to get a couple of pages up before it faded away againg, so thought I would move on and try to find the campsite at Burravoe.









yellsound1 yellsound5




To get some of the width of the view in I have had to loose the depth and clarity that your eyes see,

and looking at it here on the page it is such a poor imitation of reality I hardly like to include it,

but at least it will remind me of the beauty that was before me