The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters




The Italian Chapel is sited on a hill just above one of the Churchill Barriers and there is a good wide approach road. Though the actual roadway leading up the steep little hill was much narrower, and as I was unsure of the amount of turning and parking space I might find by the Chapel itself I parked at the bottom and walked up with Phoebe.  There was no-one around and little traffic so she was at liberty to wander which suits her much better than being on the end of a piece of string, okay its a glow-in-the-dark recoil lead, but really to all intents and purposes its a bit of string.  


As we approached the wind was whistling thorough the wire on the flag pole, keeping up an incessant high pitched twanging whine.  Just to the side of the Chapel were two fat rams, their year's work done, and lying tucked down out of the wind in amongst the hummocks of grass were complacently chewing the cud in harmony, and watched us with calm interest as we passed.  


I had read a bit about the Italian Chapel before arriving so was not expecting to be surprised, but I have to say I was (horrid word alert) gobsmacked when I opened the door.  It is known as the Miracle Chapel and that day it was a little miracle for me.  Firstly the door was unlocked.  It says everywhere that the chapel is only open in the tourist season, but when I thought I would just try the handle and the door yielded that was my first miracle, the second was stepping inside.  I think I will let the photos I have taken do the rest of the talking, and I hope that the beauty of the place is adequately expressed, or at least a flavour of the beauty comes over.

Orkney-Italian Church

The Italian Prisoners of War asked for a church and were assigned two army nissan huts and this is what they made them into

Orkney-Italian Church Scaristy Orkney-Italian ChurchAltar Orkney-Italian Church West Door Orkney-Italian Church Pillar Detail Orkney-Italian Churchdetail Orkney-Italian Church Interior Orkney-Italian Church Stone Font Orkney-Italian Church ceiling Roundels

I have included some close ups so you can see more of the contruction.  I appears to be lined with canvas or cloth which has thn been painted over.  That is only from looking as I wouldn't want to touch something like that for fear of causing damage

The all the surfaces are completely plain and the effect of depth and perspetive is purely artistic talent

This is the carved stone font, though it did just briefly cross my mind what 700 Catholic, single sex prisoners of war actually needed a font for, perhaps it was just to reminisce

The photo above clearly shows the shape of the old nissan huts

Orkney-Italian Church Madonna and Child

To the left is a Madonna and Child

painted on what appears to be an

old cupboard door

Orkney-Italian Church Phoebe at Attention Orkney-Italian Church2 rams

Phoebe standing to attention on the Parade Ground outside


Actually she had just spotted some rabbits and gone into alert mode

That woke up the two

complacent, cud chewing rams

in the field behind her -

just in case they might

be next on the menu!


Not that Phoebe would

even look at livestock

having spent her

entire life round mine


Good girl


Rabbits are allowed - not that she has ever caught one even when she was younger and faster.  Danes are too big and heavy to turn quickly, and their method of catching is to shoulder charge, which is difficult with a rabbit!