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Orkney-StennessSighting Stones




The Stones of Stenness & The Ring of Brodgar


There was a good layby at The Stones of Stenness and it wasn’t too far to walk, though there was a notice to keep dogs on leads, so I thought Phoebe might as well stay in.  The stones are HUGE and there is a pair of sighting stones lined up with a cleft in the opposite hills and view over the waters of the Loch of Stenness.  I remember seeing a programme on it many years ago and from memory it is for a moon sighting over the hill crests, or was it to do with Orion?



























The Ring of Brodgar is not much further on and the two sites are related by the strip of land which crosses over the waters between them.  There are a couple of interesting links if you want to read more about the site





At The Ring of Brodgar the car park was far too far away for me to manage, but there was no-one there anyway so I pulled Thebus into four disabled parking bays, and as there was no mention of keeping dogs on leads Phoebe came with me, and she thoroughly enjoyed it.  Standing with her head up and sniffing into the wind with her ears flying behind her.  


She was enjoying herself so much she went on further ahead than I would have liked and it was so windy I couldn’t call or whistle her, in fact it was one of those days when to breath you need to turn your head sideways, and then it makes you worried you will get earache.  If I didn’t get a suntan from the ferry trip yesterday I will certainly get a wind tan from today.  To get her back I tried an old trick I used to use with my very first Great Dane if they are getting too far away from you, which is to partially hide, and when they realise you are not in view quickly wave and call them, and she trotted back to me, but I didn’t tell her off.   I am not sure if that would work with other breeds, but Danes, being a people guarding breed and very concerned about their owners, and generally like to know where they are at all times.


The Stones of Stenness

I have to say when the sun shines in Orkney the sky is almost an impossible blue

Apparently there were more stones originally but sometime in the early 1800's the current tenant farmer got tired of ploughing round the stones and started dynamiting them for building stone.  You can read about on this site, which has lots of facsinating links to Orcadian history

Stones of Stenness

Sighting Stones with a large flat stone with hollow to contain liquid!

The photo was not what I wanted but looking towards the stong low sun I couldn't see what I was doing


Ring of Brodgar silhoutted against the skyline on the approach

Orkney-RingofBrodgarwith Phoebe inside Orkney Ring of BrodgarStones

Ring of Brodgar, with Phoebe inside, head up and ears flying in the wind

Ring  of Brodgar

Entrance or Sighting Stones?

Orkney-RingofBrodgarFallenStone Orkney Ring of Brodgar

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Ring of Brodgar

with Phoebe getting a little too far ahead

Fallen and Shattered Stone

with notice explaining how it was hit by lightening a few years ago

and that may be the reason many stones are fallen or missing from the various stone circles

Orkney-RingofBrodgarwith Phoebe inside