The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






A lovely day, after a crisp, clear and still night.  


I knew we would be missing a good day for sailing as today was forecast the best day for a while, but there is just nothing I can do.  I am waiting for odd deliveries, but mainly waiting for the scooter switch to arrive, which as I was told – 'Should be a day or two'.  As Prince Charles might have said – 'Whatever that means?'


Perhaps I should have been wound-up,  annoyed and anxious, but I must say I am not.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, even the sea was blue at times.  The lashing breakers of yesterday had changed to glinting highlights on a reflective sea, though as ever things here in Scotland things are very changeable, and although the sun was strong,  if you were in the breeze you certainly noticed it.  


Stealth Cow put her nose out from behind the end of the wall where the gate is, and by the time I had reached behind me to the settee where I keep the camera handy, she had sussed out the wind chill factor and retreated behind the wall again, and neither she nor the rest of the large, but so far invisible herd, were seen for the rest of the day.


































































The seagulls made a brief foray to the area, did a few high pitched calls, then whizzed off back inland again, but for all that I have enjoyed the day.  The wind had changed to the south, and as Thebus' door at present faces north we sat with the door and windows open for a few hours.


I used up the last of the Tebay Services Cumberland Sausages and Prizewinning Black Pudding.  No they didn’t last that long, but I took the precaution of putting some of the produce in the freezer.  So I cooked them together with some bacon, mushrooms, and eggs, and dried out a couple of pieces of bread in the toaster.    I keep wondering if the little harbour below us is still working and bringing in fish, but on the principle that I have not seen a boat I assume either no, or the weather is too bad to bother to take the boats out.  


I did get a better sighting of the offshore oil rigs though today.  The field is, I think, called Beatrice.  I took some photos, but as I was looking into the sun and they were so far away it was hit and miss as to whether they actually got included in the photo.  As you can see there are only half of them on there, plus I couldnt even see the wind mills before I photographed them!






























































This low and very bright sunlight showed up all the dusty bits inside Thebus, plus the bits where Phoebe finishes her tea - says 'delicious' -  and gives a wibbley-wobbly-lipped head shake.  If I am quick enough and notice what is going on I have some Waitrose Lightly Fragranced Baby Wipes, and she will come over to have all the bits of slobber and remnants of the meal wiped clean, and then go off smelling rather wonderful, but I have to be on the alert for the last of the breakfast or tea going down.  So I spent the day cleaning up and rearranging cupboards using the step-stool and helping hand.


We lost our next door neighbours as they have gone to try and find somewhere darker to spend the night – Aurora Alert have declared an Amber Alert for a sighting of the Northern Lights, and though I know there is very little chance where we are parked up I am typing this looking through the window of Thebus' door 'just in case'.  Though the lady who runs the caravan park has lived here for thirteen years and never seen them!


I am stocking up on staples such as minced beef. tinned sardines and dog biscuits for Phoebe to be delivered tomorrow, ready for a potential stay in Orkney and Shetland till around April - its not that I think Orkney and Shetland don't have dog biscuits and minced beef, or even tinned sardines, it just that I am not sure that I can get Thebus near enough to shops to replenish stocks.  



Aurora Watch informs me that the best time to have a chance of seeing the Northern Lights is around the Equinox, which is of course on March 25th - appropriated by the church as Lady Day, and now one of the agricultural year's Quarter Days.  


The only problem is that with fewer hours of darkness each day the actual hours of darkness for viewing  are reduced.  We will see.  All I need is luck, and a fair sailing!





Inver Disappearing Cow

Stealth Cow popped her nose and one horn round the left-hand side of this gate

Then 30 seconds later was gone again - not to be seen for the rest of the day


You can see by the telegraph pole that the wind was in from the South as I took the photo.

Inver oil rig and windmills

Beatrice Field?