The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






The brief spell of fine dry calm weather as we arrived really was brief, and that night the weather turned very blustery, so much so that I got up in the middle of the night to draw in the two slides, but by morning it had calmed, and when I drew back the front blinds there was a strong frost on the back rooves of the cottages between us and the fine view of the sea beneath us and the day was bright and fine.


























































The view from the windows was lovely and the day went on to be a mix of sunshine and showers, sometimes heavy, so the play of the light on the sea and surrounding hill has been wonderful to watch. When the sun shone the sea was getting towards blue, though as it clouded over it changed back to grey.  We are facing south here so the sun, when it is out, streams in through Thebus' big front window, and when the wind wasn't blowing and the sun was out we had the door open and it was most pleasant


We actually look out at the sea over the main A9 heading onto Thurso, but for some reason, although you catch glimpses of the tops of the larger lorries it somehow seems hardly noticeable, and there is almost no noise coming up from the road.  Either it is because of the way the wind  blows, or perhaps it is an effect of the way sound waves travel.  I think I remember reading somewhere years ago, that was the reasoning behind building terraces into the gardens of old country mansions, in that when you walked along them you could have a private conversation as the sound did not travel to the terraces above or below.  Maybe I have mis-remembered, but it certainly seems to work that way here.


Phoebe didn't enjoy the journey here one little bit, and I was very worried about her, particularly as towards the end of the journey she was quite literally lying doggo and seemed almost catatonic when I pulled over to check her.  But thank goodness when we arrived she got out and seemed fine, and since then has been more like her old self.  Her tail is wagging again and she is eating quite well – apart from the discount teacakes from Asda of course – those simply produce a curling of the lips and a look of pure disgust on her face.  And I still have another fifty of the wretched things left!


But we took a walk together round the caravan park, which is small - though I prefer that - and very neatly kept, the grass mown close and freshly laid gravel on the pitches.  The whole enclosed with charming old dry stone walling thickly encrusted with lichens - beautiful.  Phoebe had her nose up into the wind smelling the salt on the sea air, and even picked up a stick and carried round for a bit.






























































































































































































Inver also has a brand new purpose built facilities block with three beautifully tiled private shower-rooms, each containing a large power shower, wash handbasin and loo, all beautifully warm and with lashings of hot water, even the corridors are toasty and there is a good hairdrier and mirror there.  Through a doorway is a big laundry room and utility room with adouble sink - again all fully heated, and there is a further completely separate but heated outside loo.  Camping certanly wasn't like this when I was in the guides.  


Once again the walking in the area would be fantastic, but I have enjoyed seeing the landscape even if only from a distance.  The sea goes right on round the site at a ninety degree turn, though I haven't crossed over the main road to look at it. All in all well worth a visit, and exceptionally reasonable prices I thought






































Lichen Covered Garden Wall Lichen on stone garden wall View from Thebus Window Inver

View from Thebus' Window the first morning

The sky wasnt quite so blue - that is the shading at the top of the windscreen

inver1 inver 2

Lichen encrusted old stone wall and close up below


View from beside Thebus

Distant view from garden Castle on Cliffs

Close up of snow-capped distant mountain

Large Mansion looking dangerously near the cliffs above the bay