The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






The cottage were Burn's was born and christened and spent the first few years of his life was charmingly lit up ready for our arrival and as we entered through the old byre we were given a dram of whisky though you could have wine or water if you preferred,  Then in the cottage kitchen itself they re-enacted the first Burns Night Supper which was held in that very room in 1801. The table set for supper with the dishes which were on the first Burn's Memorial Supper menu and there were performers in costume, singing, and reciting and acting out their parts.  It was all very good and atmospheric.  


The actual dinner was held in the hall attached to the cottage, and which had been built in the 19th C. as a museum to celebrate his life.  I had made the right decision regarding the weather as The Haggis had to be played in by guitar owing to the piper being unable to make it due to bad weather.


There were more readings and songs, and the meal was very nice, though more of a modern twist with a sort of Haggis Shepherds Pie with whisky sauce as a starter and a de-contructed Steak and Ale Pie followed by a Crannock type mouse.  But all very tasty, and nicely done.


Afterwards there were lovely thin, crisp, buttery shortbread rounds and Scottish Tablet.  It's the first time I have tried tablet, and I must say I really liked it.  The taste is rather like a good fudge but it has a crispy finish to it which adds something extra.


The lady seated next to me was born and bred in Ayr and very kindly asked me to breakfast tomorrow morning she and her husband a retired Sea Captain live only a mile or so up the same road as Burns Cottage.  On my other side was a lovely gentleman from Canada who's wife is doing a PhD at Cambridge.  He took lots of photos and looked very professional, so I asked if I might beg a few to put on on the website and he is going to email me some over - I felt too shy and English to take photos other than the one of the outside.  All in all it was a most enjoyable start to my travels and I am pleased I made the effort to get here, even though it means travelling all the way back down to Wolverhampton again to get this scooter lift fixed.  


Phoebe was pleased to see me back and didn't seem over-distressed.  I had taken off her collar before I went and told her to guard the place.  Which is my signal to her that I will be gone longer than normal, but I will be back.  But I noticed when I took her for a late night walk she was limping a bit.



Burn's Cottage on Burn's Night


unnamed Address to the Haggis Presenting the Haggis

Re-enactment of the first

Burn's Commerative Dinner held in 1801

in the very same room

Carrying in the Haggis

Addressing the Haggis


Apparently shot earlier that day!

Poor Wee Beastie!