The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






Well – I can't say the worst has happened as I don't know what the outcome of my actually getting the lift for the mobility scooter delivered on time would have been.


It was ordered a week or so before Christmas as soon as I agreed the buy Thebus, as supplying and fitting it was all part of the deal.  When we originally spoke it was supposed to take around a week to make and get delivered, and a day or so to fit.  Fine


Then of course they said he wouldn't be able to start till after the Christmas break so 2nd January.  Still fine.


I turned up at Wolverhampton expecting it to already be here, it wasn't but I then expected imminent delivery daily.  By Tuesday last week I was beginning to get anxious.  The workshops phoned the maker on Wednesday and he was pretty short with them, saying whilst he was talking to them he could be building it.  By Thursday everything really was looking worrying, and when I phoned him myself and spoke to him on Friday he said it was not yet welded up but he would come in personally over the weekend and work on it - and to phone him Monday


Phoning just gone 8 this morning he was not in and wasn't expected until 9.30 – no sense of urgency there then!


When I phoned again at  9.30 he said everything was ready, but just needed welding.  Excuse me that is where we were on Friday, what happened to the “working on it over the weekend” - Phone back at lunchtime.  A lunchtime call got the reply – they are welding it up now!!!  So when can I expect it to be finished – When it is finished.  


Now-  I don't think I am being unreasonable in expecting to have had it delivered in the time scale they originally quoted.  But even if they did finish it today there is no way it could be delivered to Wolverhampton by tomorrow – so ...


.........really there is no point just hanging on here and missing the Burn's Night Bash.  


I am beginning to wonder if he is actually capable of making it, but the guys here say they have used him before and his work is good, and I must trust their judgement on this.  So it looks like it will be a hasty haggis and hurry back down the motorways to Wolverhampton, before flogging all the way back up to Scotland again.


Because I expected to be here until late Tuesday or even Wednesday morning having it fitted I took the opportunity of getting various items ordered to be delivered here before I left for my journey North, but I will just abandon those and collect them on my return, though I may wait for Phoebe's dog bed to arrive.  The guys here say that particular delivery man is usually here by about 11am.  The run up to Ayr will take just over six hours, plus a bit for me being a slow novice driver, so I will probably break part way up anyway and I won't be doing the full six hours driving at one stretch.


Chris who did all my deliveries when I ran the antiques business and knows the whole country like the back of his hand reckons I would be easiest to take a break at the Carlisle Services, rather than veering off and trying to find a caravan camp site, most of which are closed this time of year anyway.


Apparently you can stay  for two hours free of charge at the services, but if I then want to stop overnight I just go to the shop and pay.  I looked it up online and it looks like its £15 at Carlisle  including a voucher for food, so I think that might be the easiest option, then start off again earylish in the morning.  


Chris says just head for the truckers part and when you get there you don't have to reverse in to park - its arranged so you just pull in then pull out again.  It will be a good experience to get under my belt anyway.  I have been researching online about the various motorway services.  It certainly makes interesting reading when you get to  the customer comments


I am feeling a bit apprehensive again as its now nearly ten days since I drove Thebus last, and of course this time it will be solo, as even though Phoebe will be riding shotgun I don't think I would like to trust her judgement as to when to pull into merging motorway traffic.


Wish me luck everyone........