The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters




CHANGE OF TITLE?  -Not of Direction I Hope


I may change the title of my journal/blog.  What does everyone think?


I called it The World is my Lobster, because when I was formulating my plans and chatting it over with folk, those that thought it was a great idea - the men, mostly – the ladies were a bit more hesitant - said – wonderful – the world is your oyster.  Now I have never been all that keen on oysters.  Back in the 1970's having never tried them I bought some and we had them at a dinner party with friends, and they were OK but not memorably delicious.  My take on life is that it is no good trying anything just once as you may have been unlucky and everything deserves a second chance or even maybe a third before a decision is made, so with my youngest brother's birthday coming up oysters were ordered for the assembled company.  


Now this was unfortunate to say the least.  The previous night I had cooked him moules mariniere  which he hadn’t had before either but thoroughly enjoyed, what we didn’t know was that he is the only one in the family to have an allergy to shellfish.  So poor chap having had a big helping of mussels on the Saturday he then had oysters on the Sunday.  I still wasn't keen and he finished a couple extra of mine.  


I say poor chap, because, totally unknown to us at the time at the time there had been some sort of problem with a particular area of sea and a short while later warnings were given about eating shellfish from the area.  Add all that together and you have one incredibly sick family


Mike went down with it first and was very ill, so bad that I sat in his bedroom with him.  The doctor had been called but of course didn’t turn up for hours, and if I had been able to get Mike downstairs to the car I would have driven him into A&E myself but he was totally out of it and much too heavy for me to manage.  I was just on the point of calling the ambulance when the doctor finally got there and just gave some dehydration powders before disappearing.  Not long after the doctor left Mum went down with it so I had both of them to look after.  She was not as bad as Mike not having the shellfish allergy to cope with as well.  


I was booked in for a three day course on the Monday morning so having had not much sleep, showered and got dressed, but by now feeling a more than a bit rough made it to the bottom of the stairs and even though I had paid several hundred pounds for the course had to admit defeat and phone to say I couldn’t make it.  I went back to bed and the house took on a somewhat deathly hush with the three of us in our respective beds, and no-one well enough to go to the doctors for the prescription.  We all survived though it coloured my taste for oysters.


We were still ill in bed when my other brother turned up, also a partaker of the ill-fated feast.  He too had felt dire and had only come home for some sympathy and TLC and was most put out to find everyone in bed and too ill to bother with him.  As an aside a couple of weeks later a family friend, rather a lookalike for Meat Loaf the singer, and obviously with the digestion of a small buffalo called by and when asked how he had coped with the food poisoning - obviously a bit bemused said - Oh, I wondered why I was off my grub for a day or two.


So you can see why the idea that the world might be my oyster was not a particularly appealing one.  But I do like lobster and that is how the title came about.  I now find that I was not the first to think along those lines so maybe something different is called for.


What about Thebus, Phoebe and Me, as someone else suggested or Don't Stop the Bus....  Ideas on a postcard please - but make it an email one as I am hoping that snail-mail won't be able to keep up with me, but at this rate even Parcel Farce could get here in time!


I am still stuck in Wolverhampton at present, and though perfectly comfortable I would have liked to have been on my way by now.  I have had The Bus Depot to myself pretty well this weekend, and I think staying inside in the warm in Thebus is helping shift the last of my cold.  Good job as I am nearly out of all the medicines.


So its been a lazy day.  I did get up at 4.50 for Phoebe's heating but went back to bed for a good lie in, and after a leisurely brunch fry-up, re-arranged the wardrobe and drawers after the washing machine fitting.  I was intending to pull across the yard to the nearest drain outlet and try the washing machine out, but the bedroom carpet it is a bit wet so I am not certain if that was from the plumbing in or if there is a slight problem and decided its better not to take a chance and maybe exacerbate things so Phoebe and I have had a quiet day, with me reading some of the endless manuals on everything and her trying out the window next to her bed for head size.  It certainly gives her a good view of the surrounding countryside, and as it was a lovely sunny day here, bright and crisp but not too chilly she stood there quite a while taking it all in.  The traffic even though quite a distance across the fields is still quite mystifying for her, and what she will make of the six hour journey up the motorways to Scotland I am not quite sure.


I have been doing some internet research on stopping places after Ayr and all being well this will be the first stop after the Burns Museum.  There are not many sites open at this time of year, but I have checked with this one and they will be.  It is The Woods near Alloa just at the junction of The Lowlands with The Highlands.  Its a huge site with fourteen acres of fields and woodland, plus its own restaurant and the surrounding scenery looks stunning.




































The Wood Caravan Park Stirling