The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






I am twiddling my thumbs here at present, but its allowing me to get more used to Thebus.  When they finished fitting the washing machine yesterday they turned Thebus round so the big front windows look out over the adjacent fields, after rain early in the morning the sun is out and Phoebe has decided if she sits up she has a good view of what is going on, at one point she tried resting her head on the dashboard – Great Danes always like a rest for their heads if possible – I suppose they are a bit heavy to keep carrying around all the time.





































She has a total of four double sheepskins plus two single ones to lie on, but she was still casting covetous eyes on the couch when she got me up this morning to say the temperature had dropped to 55F.  I think once her “Dog Nest” arrives she will be happier.  She certainly liked the look of the big one which arrived and had to be sent back.  As I said it would have taken two Great Danes at least and when I spoke to the lady at Tuffies she said they had fitted six of the girl machinists in one!!!


I took Phoebe for a walk in the fields again yesterday, but instead of running around she just stood transfixed looking from side to side like a spectator at a tennis match watching the cars and lorries going past on the main road bordering the field.  I am sure she will get used to the idea of traffic but at present she is quite perturbed by it.  


I managed to tune in Radio 3 and the first thing that came on was Canteloube's “Songs of the Auvergne” – Bailero, a delightful tune which took me straight back to the early 1970's and the first time I heard it at the house of two old friends passed away many years now.  


I was not long divorced after a disastrous marriage lasting about three years – married at 19 divorced by 21!  Once bitten twice shy as they say!  And I often visited them for the weekends helping out round their lovely country retirement cottage with the jobs they were finding difficult in return for good food, good drink and good company.  Mind you the jobs they found me were pretty taxing, including cutting the hedges of their three quarter acre garden, around eight foot high and three foot wide using a hand held electric hedgecutter and balanced precariously on steps; emptying and rodding a blocked septic tank one exceedingly hot summer's day – poooeeeeyyyyy; and getting up at 4 am to “thin the bunches of grapes” on their huge old grape vine filling a 30ft greenhouse, using nail scissors to thin and shape the hundreds of bunches, head upside down and again balanced on rickety old steps.  Mind you I learnt a lot about gardening from them as we poured over his ancient ten volume RHS encyclopedia.


I have lost a drawer in the bedroom now they have fitted the washing machine, so having carefully arranged everything in there I have to find new homes for the clothes, but once I get a little set of step stools and can reach the higher cupboards I think I will have plenty of storage space.  At present if I want to put anything in the top cupboards I have to throw it in and shut the door quickly.  This obviously only works for one thing, but it at least it makes it easy to get it back out again, as when I open the door it promptly falls back out on my head.


I have been carefully ordering only things which include next day delivery, but not being used to being at a different address when I paid via paypal I ended up having half of them sent to my old address at The Grange.  Fortunately they were all smallish things and Julie who is house minding will post them on to me.  Meanwhile I am compiling a list of essentials which I can order when I am at a site for more than a day or so.  


I though it was about time I cooked a proper meal so tonight I did some Waitrose's half-price Aberdeen Angus Meatballs from yesterdays delivery, fried in my specially purchased lightweight £1.99 non-stick pan (which promptly stuck) with some broccoli, sweetcorn, celery and sugar-snap peas all cut up together and steamed in one of my microwave bags – the veg was good and done that way should keep any goodness and vitamins maybe a shake of seven spice next time, but the meat balls had lots of black bits on them, I couldn't decide if it was burnt bits, or bits of non-stick, but with my new cavalier attitude to life I ate it all anyway.  


The table in Thebus makes for civilised eating – I can't bear eating off my lap.  I remember the first time as a child at someone's house when were expected to eat without sitting at the table and I was horrified.  I just doesn't feel right to me but thankfully Thebus has a table. It's dark rosewood with a pale maple edging and its almost elegant – as long as you don't look at the aluminium legs with  black plastic tripods underneath, but at least they allow it to be dismantled and stowed beside the bed, or even hidden in the lift up locker beneath the mattress.


I spent the rest of the evening researching the onward leg from Ayr and investigating potential places to stop – that's assuming that I make it to Scotland for Burn's Night....... and don't have to come back to Wolverhampton afterwards!





Phobe trying out the passenger side for size

Phoebe Trying out the Passenger Side now the seat has gone