The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






Another bit of a downer today.  The lift for the scooter which should have arrived last week ready to be fitted has still not come.  I was getting a bit jumpy as I had expected to leave for a leisurely journey towards Ayr on Friday ready to arrive on Thursday 23rd for the Burns Night Supper


Everyone here seemed a bit vague about things, but when pushed it transpired that it hadn’t actually been promised until next week, and the guy who is building it is a bit grumpy.  I asked earlier in the week if I could phone him myself but they said they would on Wednesday evening, and on Thursday morning sent “the boss” in to tell me the bad news, I expect they all thought I would throw a wobbly about the chance of missing my deadline for the Burn's Night.  


I did actually get the phone number of the man who is building the lift and give him a call.  Though they were right and he was cross and grumpy, he did sound a just a tiny little bit sorry for me when I explained that if I couldnt get it fitted I would either have to forgo the Burns Night Supper altogether, which had already been booked and paid for, or travel the three hundred miles or so north, eat my haggis, then drive the three hundred miles back, get the rack fitted then drive the three hundred miles north again, as I daren't risk going to the Shetlands with no form of transport but a huge bus or my arthritic legs.


It has been left that someone will phone him Monday! So we will see.


I am refusing to get upset and anxious about it.  I will trust to my fate and know that everything will work out as it is meant to.


So I am settled in Wolverhampton for the foreseeable.  I did contact the man who wrote The Big Pitch Guide as I thought I might spend the weekend on a nearby caravan site, but he, who knows pretty well all the sites suitable for larger “rigs” (trucker's slang again) said promptly – stay where you are, and I must admit I am perfectly comfortable here.


Phoebe is beginning to settle to the idea of living in Thebus, but still tootles back to the customer lounge given half a chance.  I think she considers it more like “a house” and I am convinced would happily move in there in preference.  In fact at present I feel that we have both moved in there!


I am taking the opportunity of my enforced stay to order anything that I have suddenly realised I shall need while travelling, as once on the move I may not be stopping anywhere for more than a day or two and getting it delivered will be difficult.  


Waitrose delivered here yesterday.  At home I had pretty well everything delivered, what with not walking well and having Mum who wasnt keen on being left for too long.  So my grocerey shopping was split between Waitrose and Lidl - which if I went on a Sunday to Malvern was always quiet and easy for parking – I know they seem at opposite ends of the scale but I have always found Waitrose prices fair, and Lidl has excellent quality food if you are selective


The Waitrose delivery man looked a bit bemused when he arrived at Signature's Offices – I expect he thought he must have got the wrong postcode.  


At home when Waitrose arrived they always asked if I wanted anything carried through the house or put away- I think its part of the service that they offer, so I said I would have asked him to do that but Thebus was up on the ramps!!  I think he enjoyed it all anyway as it was something a bit different, and he was most impressed with the lovely RVs on show on the forecourt.  And to make it even better this month Waitrose are giving all home delivery orders a free bottle of Champagne - so I am sure I can find a use for that


I shall have to see about cooking a proper meal maybe, as so far it has been more snacks than anything, though last night I tried out my new microwave bags with some broccoli spears and salmon.  Not a great success I have to say.  I followed the instruction which said 4-5 minutes for fish, but it was far too long I think and the salmon was overcooked for my taste.


All this new technology is another steep learning curve for me.  But I managed to get the Tom-Tom to stick to the dashboard, and practised with the hands free blue tooth telephone, but couldn’t get the TV to function at all and felt an inadequate woman.  When Jamie - who is doing most of the work on Thebus, switched it on it was fine, so I asked him to show me how it worked, and was pleased to find out that because Thebus had been moved I was in the shadow of the house next door so the satellite wasn't picking up a signal, and it wasnt me being a nit-wit after all.