The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






I shouldn't really call it that as it really is a rather splendid establishment absolutely crowded out with a delectable offering of some of the best of these American type motorhomes.  Signature Motorhomes are the main European importer for Thor, the makers of Thebus, and I have to say the quality of construction, at least to my untutored eye seems excellent, and the thought and attention to detail seem top class as well.  All the folk here are really genuine, pleasant people, and as I mentioned earlier, where in today's Britain would you find a firm who would be prepared to contact you to help out on the Sunday after Christmas during the long break.  I really have to say I cannot fault them.  


I spent last night in their car park just off a main road from Wolverhampton to the motorway roundabouts.  I think Phoebe saw and heard more traffic in the last ten hours than she has in the last ten years.  But she really is being very good.  


I reckon she will be an excellent watch for me.  Someone came to a car not far away and she growled under her breath, but I told her that though it was good to guard they weren't near enough to us to be a problem.  I am sure she will soon pick it up.


When we arrived last night at The Bus Depot they had kindly left an electric hook up cable, and though Niner plugged it in for me I didn't realise at first it wasn't working.  Later I went out to check it was plugged in right and see if there was a switch for it, and in the end assumed they had forgotten to switch it on for me.  In the event it was that wretched trip switch which caused me the black eye back a couple of weeks ago.  I will have to remember that.


So we went to bed without any real heating but it was actually quite a mild night.  I was plenty warm enough under the duvet and Phoebe has three double sheepskin rugs as well as two single ones, so really should have been warm enough but around ten to five she came to tell me it was getting a bit chilly.  I looked at the thermostat which registered 55F  so I think that must be her temperature threshold.  I got up and put the main generator and blown air heater on, and she went straight back to bed.  I must admit so did I.  


After 25 years of total silence at night the main road traffic was a bit of a culture shock, and I didn't sleep all that well.  All the poor workers were queued up in their vehicles on the road outside our front window when I drew back the curtains.  


I signed for a package for Signature from an early morning delivery man and then by half eight the gates were open and I went round to the offices – where I was given a lovely hot coffee while Thebus was taken round to the workshops.


They have an excellent set up here and I am really, really pleased I bought from them.  The offices  are beautifully decorated and the yard kept washed and tidied.  Just off the main office they have a conservatory which acts as a customer lounge/waiting room with a good heater, television and coffee machine.  This bit was left open so I could have come in from the patio doors during the evening if I had wanted to.


I am having to spend pretty well all my time in there as Thebus is often up on the ramps so it would not be safe for us to stay inside.  They have bought in the larger of the tables for me to use as a desk, so I am typing away and currently sitting in the sun. Phoebe has two double sheepskin rugs in front of the electric convector heater and just sleeps happily all day unless someone comes in or I need to go out for something.  


All the guys have made a big fuss of her and as I predicted she is lapping up all the attention.  After all the stroking we happened to be in the workshop office round about one o'clock when they were  getting their lunch out. Phoebe and I went back to Thebus and she hung around outside the door and as she still doesn’t like the steps I didn’t make her come in as I was just getting something out before heading back to the customer lounge, but Phoebe, who has been quite clingy till now, took the opportunity to sneak over to the workshop to check out what everyone was for having for lunch, and had to be escorted back to me.


Yesterday a huge dog bed was delivered to go where the passenger seat is coming out but I had made a horrible mistake.  On Tuffies website  – a lovely Scottish firm – all the dimensions were for the inside only, and the padded sides are around ten inches wide.  For some reason I had not noticed this, although it was perfectly clearly marked.  So when the bed arrived it would have taken at least two Great Danes and possibly me as well and would definitely not have fitted in the front where the passenger seat is coming out.  Very kindly they have agreed to let me return it, and I have re-ordered the next size down, but I will need to know where I am likely to be staying for a couple of days in order to give them a delivery address


Last night I did my first Waitrose order on line since being on the road, and have given the address here for delivery tomorrow, with a note to the deliverer to ask in the office or phone my mobile.  We will see how it all works out!  And I have signed up for a trial month of Amazon Prime.  You have to pay for the privilege and at nearly fifty pounds for a year it is a lot (in my opinion).  But for that you get free next day delivery on your orders which, as I will be moving around so much might be handy, the only thing is I am not sure how many of their items qualify, but a free month should see if it is worth carrying on with.  So far the two things I wanted to order as we need them here immediately were either unavailable or didn’t qualify


Sitting here in the customer lounge one hears the traffic going past on the main road outside and being close to the motorway junction there are quite a few emergency vehicles wailing by.  Of course poor Phoebe has never heard anything like it and was quite perturbed at first, but once again has relaxed into it all quicker than I expected.  She is currently dozing by the convector heater and Thebus is having his washing machine plumbed in.