The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters







Well we got most of the last bits and pieces in the house moved yesterday, though there are still oddments here, there and everywhere.  But although the house is empty I must say it looks lovely.  And the large rooms look even larger now they are empty.  The sun is shining again, the garden is looking stunning and the birds are singing and thinking of spring.  Its a beautifully light house with the sun streaming in through the full length windows


I won't say much about my purchasers except to say they behaved much like you expect any house purchaser to behave nowadays.  I did think about putting it back on the market, but as I am now so far along the road of moving out I think I will stick with them for the present, and I assume they do want it as they have already bought their two daughters walkie-talkies ready for when they move in.  


The title to the property was last transferred before it was obligatory to register with land registry and now the purchasers say they are not happy to buy just on the strength of the deeds, which of course is nonsense, but if I have to register it prior to selling then all the fees for doing so fall on me rather than them.  


I will do it as I others may say the same, but my solicitors says it could take six weeks or more – another delay - and I only accepted the offer as they said they wanted to move in on 28th Nov!  If they try to mess about when it is all finally done then I really will put it back on the market.  By then there may be a bit of spring rush in the housing market anyway.


I still can't stop coughing but I think there is a bit of improvement. I hope so anyway as the last of the antibiotics are gone.  I have become a bit of a Cough Medicine Connoisseur the last couple of weeks.  


When you live out in the country and folks are coming to visit they often ask out of courtesy if there is anything you need bringing when they come, so I asked everyone for cough medicine and Night and Day Nurse Tablets.  I use the cough medicine to wash down the antibiotics and cold tablets.  I am not sure if that is an approved method, but it was the one I used.


Its surprising the range of tastes and textures available in cough medicine.  Even after trying so many I am not really sure one is better than another at curing coughs though I will say the nicest was Potters Herbal Cough Remover – I have had after dinner liqueurs served with coffee which didn't taste as nice.  And I will definitely say that the 2009 Night Nurse seemed to have a stronger effect than any of the more up-to-date offerings.  I expect as usual, they have taken out the one active ingredient which really worked.   I wonder if one should consider laying stuff like that down for future use, as in a wine cellar, not that it improves with age, but deteriorates with youth, if you see what I mean.