The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






As I mentioned before, in the last few days to top everything off, the Mi-Fi connection, which has been amazingly good till now has suddenly crashed.  I have, as one normally does, spent hours on the phone, not too bad really as it is a 150 free number and as I feel so rotten from my cold I am not up to doing that much in the evenings anyway so I might as well sit here croaking and coughing into the phone.  It seems that act of talking seems to make me cough more than normal, but talking into the phone exacerbates the problem.  My phone is from Orange, but this new 4G Mi-fi is from EE (for the uninitiated – which includes myself – Mi-Fi is mobile wi-fi though don't ask me what wi-fi is)  Orange is now part of EE though at present the right hand is not sure what the left hand is doing so to speak.  


They have masses of call centres.  I have spoken to people from Ireland, Scotland, the Indian sub-continent and Geordies, amongst others, and EE/Orange are obviously having some sort of survey as to which are doing the best in the customer care department, so although almost all of them could not solve my problems they were sweetness and light when it came to being pleasant.  But at last this evening I got a guy who could fix my problem, even though I coughed loudly in his ear many times during our conversation  (I had apologised in advance before we even started as I knew what the poor man was about to be subjected to)  And after many false starts he finally got everything sorted.  Hooray.  I promptly asked him to marry me and have my cold.  At least he laughed!


Seriously though, its incredible how bereft one feels when the internet is down.  I was not an early computer user, only starting in the late 1990's and probably hardly using it in the beginning.  I got my first antiques website set up in 2000, and really there was hardly anything much on the internet that was based here in the UK other than erudite university stuff and big international groups.  Certainly nothing local to me here on the Herefordshire / Worcestershire borders, but now there is hardly a little post office or pub which is not on the internet.  


I am hoping the antibiotics are beginning to do their job, but last night I was really bad again.  And I am sure I was coughing more often than not coughing.  At about one in the morning I simply couldn’t take it any longer and took an extra dose of antibiotics,  I am only supposed to have one dose every eight hours and it was only four hours since the last dose and I awoke again at about five coughing just as badly so took another lot, anyway it must have done something because each time I managed to get some sleep.  I phoned the doctor to apologise this morning.  She said I shouldn't have done it but maybe as it was such a strong dose it might have sorted things out, and I have to say I am feeling a bit better.  


So back to the moving.  I thought there were only a few bits left, but it is amazing how many books I have and of course you can't put too many in a box as it is then just too heavy to carry.  I had to hire the van for an extra day and Darren and Chris came back again to continue the task.  At least it had stopped raining which makes life easier.  They both said I looked better and how worried they had been about me yesterday.


Even at the end of today there are still things to be moved.  I am leaving any books that I might not need in the future such as lots of gardening and cooking books, and I can always buy them again if I need to , but m\ny of my books are pretty well irreplaceable.  I hope they will be ok in the container.  It was very dry when I went to rent it and the guy said as long as I didn’t put anything wet in there it would stay dry, but of course it was pouring with rain by the evening when they were loading the books.  Still what will be will be.  I have to just let fate take its course I think.


Sorry its a short one, but if I can get some sleep I think I need it.  The purchasers are coming tomorrow morning.