The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






I think it must have rained for at least eight hours if not more out of every twenty-four ever since I got Thebus.  It will certainly test out whether he is leaking anywhere or not.  But so far he is staying dry and comfortable inside.


I am beginning to get a little more used to things and get some sort of routine going, and have decided to try and put everything away as I go along.  Which is the complete antithesis to my normal behaviour – I am the sort of person who is in too much of a hurry to even bother to shut a drawer, though of course then I have to go back again later and shut it anyway, so in the long run it probably takes twice as long as doing it the first time round.


But this is the start of the rest of my life so now is the time to make changes and form new habits.  I have been getting up at about ten to five and going to bed early at the other end.  Mind you having got out of bed before five I normally just put the heating and hot water on and go back to bed to wait while it warms up before getting up properly.  I have also decided that its going to be best to have a shower in the evening whilst its all nice and warm then straight to bed with the electric blanket on.  I could of course just turn the heating up, but old habits die hard and I am a bit of a meany when it comes to paying for fuel.  Somehow when you are used to getting a roaring log fire going with good ashwood cut from your own trees, it goes against the grain to just turn the thermostat up


And I don’t know how I shall feel when I have to fill up three tanks at the petrol station.  One for petrol which is used when you first start the engine, one for lpg when driving and one tank of lpg for the furnace which does the heating and hot water.  Apparently I can expect around 10 miles to the gallon on petrol, and a bit less on lpg but that costs about half as much as petrol.


Although it all sounds frighteningly expensive it is probably not quite so bad as it seems bearing in mind that my trips will be one way in effect, so having got to where I am going I don't need to allow fuel costs for the journey back.  Well that's what I am telling myself to salve the potential financial pain of my first visit to re-fuel


I am still coughing and spluttering from the cold I got over New Years but have had to go into overdrive as it is my intention to leave for good this coming Sunday – the house sale is not completed yet, but I don't want to just hang on here waiting for everyone to get their act together.  One of the reasons I accepted the (I felt rather low) offer, was that they said they wanted to move in on 28th November, which was why the auction sale had to be rushed through.  Having missed that date  due to delays on their part, the prospective purchasers went off on holiday till 23rd December, by which time the lawyers had pretty well shut up shop till the New Year.  


If it all goes pear-shaped I shall just put it back on the market.  In fact I never took it off and wanted to just keep taking viewings, as the offer was made within 36 hours of the house hitting the market, so these purchasers were the only ones to see it. But against my specific instructions the agents immediately did – still what will be will be.  Often things in this life happen for the best and I think in the spring when the sheets and sheets of snowdrops start, followed by thousands of daffodils then wild primroses and apple blossom, etc etc, I stand a good chance of not only selling it but for more money.  For the moment though I am content to just get all this sorted and move on to the part of my life which is just beginning .


So out into the rain and wind with a terrible cough, almost no voice, a black eye on one side and an infection in the other eye - I have sorted out a  hire van, and rented a storage container, visited the solicitors, sent off a few last auction lots I agreed to keep for someone, showed Thebus off to some admiring neighbours, bought drinks and nibbles and coffee and cake,  as I am having an At Home in Thebus on Friday and Saturday for friends and neighbours who want to see him before we go, and organised Darren my ex-gardener in starting to pack some of the oddments I am putting in store, plus viewed a potential property which might suit me as a “base” so I am not left completely itinerant - which I think might lead to lots of problems here in the uk.  


I did telephone “Man with Van” thinking that would be easiest to just get someone in to do the move for me, but for him and a “mate” plus van they wanted £70 an hour, perhaps I am out of touch with prices but that seemed a bit steep to me, as well as being rather open ended for my liking.  In my days of bible reading I remember smiling when I got to the bit in the Old Testament where it says “Never trust a workman on day rates”  and I think human nature was much the same all those thousands of years ago, as it is today.


Sorry if this is a bit of a moany, grumpy instalment, but I am feeling pretty sorry for myself just at present.  So much to do and so little time ...