The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






I don't know if I mentioned it but when Sally and Niner came to stay they were not the only ones.  They both bought with them a hideous cough accompanied by a nasty chest infection.  Cooped up together here in the RV, plus on New Years with all the kissing and greeting of their friends and family, (with whom it had already been generously shared) I had no hope of avoiding it, and with the last few weeks and months having being very full on it really hit me for a six.


I am a great fan of homoeopathy, so when Niner was doing his impression of “Man-Flu”  I dosed him up with lots of the remedies I normally keep to hand, and which will be going with me on my travels.  I think they may have helped a bit – though I had to laugh passing him a selection of little white pills at the New Year's Karaoke - I imagine any strangers might have thought it was the pills which kept them all going till four in the morning, and were outraged at the openess with which I was distributing them.


I thought I had conquered my bout fairly quickly but the day after the first symptoms I felt icily cold, even though I had the inside temperature up to the high seventies ( yes I am still in Fahrenheit and Thebus being American has also refused to go metric)  Eventually I put the electric blanket on as high as it would go had the hottest shower I could stand and jumped into bed.


The next day I awoke with a thumping head and raging temperature and it no- it was not just that I had kept the electric blanket on all night.  Things have sort of been going from bad to worse, to such an extent that last night I was even considering contacting the doctor.  Something I rarely do.  In fact the last time I went I wasn’t even on their computer system as I hadn’t visited since they had installed it.  Fortunately I have known the senior partner there since he started and was one his very first patients.  That's one of the joys of being with a village practice.


Anyway this morning when I got out of my rumpled bed I had visions of Tracey Emin's masterpiece and thought mine would have stood a fair comparison, though not in the value stakes, or come to that probably in the occupancy stakes.  But throughout the day, though my voice is very hoarse it is beginning to return.  To enough of an extent that I have been able to get on the phone to check details about ordering my Washer Drier.  It wasn’t that I needed to know anything more than the details they already had included on their website, but I did need to know what would happen about the one year warranty.  I explained about my proposed travels in Thebus and would they be able to come to repair it wherever I may be.  


Now I expect it's pretty boring being stuck in call centre talking about “white goods” for a whole Sunday and the young man on the end of the line was intrigued.  He had never been asked that before and went off to consult with a supervisor.  Yes – that would be fine as long as I was in the UK.  So, no point taking out an extended warranty then as this time next year, all being well I shall hope to be much closer to the Mediterranean .


We had to get onto the motorhome company's site in order for him to have the delivery address, and while he was on there he took the opportunity to take a peek at Thebus, and was suitably impressed.  He asked how long I had been driving an RV and when I told him for about fifty five miles he was full of questions so I mentioned I was writing a journal.  Some of the other staff were listening in and a few logged onto the site, which is when he asked how many visits had been made to the site so far.  So I asked him to pass the link on and maybe shortly I shall be viral on line as well as viral in bed.


I thought this would have to be a short entry because of how I am feeling but I will just tell you about one other thing which happened.  Now I am a bit remiss about getting checkups of any sort, and my take on life is to keep yourself out of the doctors, the animals away from the vet, and the car out of the garage repair shop.  In other words – If it ain't broke don't fix it.  


So goodness only knows when it was I last went to the optician for a check up, but if I am to take my HGV equivalent I will need both eyes working to optimum efficiency.  And it had been on my list of “jobs to sort” before going travelling.  But Thebus' and Phoebe's join efforts with my contact lenses have made this and even greater priority


One of my old neighbours was/is and optician and I have been going to him for years and having been happy with the service I had, wanted to return so phoned the last number I had for him.


No – he was no longer at this practice.  No – they had no idea where he was based (though I learned later he is still practising in the same small market town)  No- they had no idea how I could contact him, but they had all my records and would be pleased to help.


I said I would let them know, and looked on the appropriate professional society web pages for his contact details, but couldn't find him listed.  A phone call to their head office told me he was in Cheltenham, which was a surprise as I knew he had left there a number of years ago.  The call the the Cheltenham branch confirmed my suspicions and produced the same results as to the Ledbury branch.  But I knew his brother used to shoot occasionally with a neighbour.   A phone call to the neighbour got me the brother's phone number which in turn got me David's number.  I explained my predicament and the short time scale I was on and he very kindly agreed to bring his kit with him and test me “at home” in Thebus.  I think he may secretly have fancied a look round.  


He paced out  the lounge.  Yes plenty of space - plugged in his eye test board at one end  and I sat in the driver's seat at the other saying yes or no at the appropriate Better/Worse questions.  I wonder if opticians get fed up with saying the same thing day in and day out, or if they just get so used to it they don't even notice.


Anyway he will order them express on Monday and all being well will come out to me again on Friday to fit them and check any final adjustments or whatever they do.  I also wanted a pair of glasses to use if I needed to drive in an emergency without the need to put in my lenses and he had bought some frames.  The first ones he got out were purple.  I am sure it was a subliminal thing having been looking into my black eye for about an hour.  Anyway I thought they were most appropriate and went with those, and he felt they were a good colour for someone who was slightly eccentric – so at least I am regarded as only slightly eccentric .


He also said it was the most unusual place he had ever done an eye test and took a few phone piccies to show his wife when he got home.


So that is my day.   I am pleased to say the dreadful cough is beginning to slow down and I have just microwaved a piece of wild salmon with a cheesy sort of topping.  I think I shall like this microwave cooking once I get into it.  I have ordered some microwave throwaway bags as washing up will be something to be avoided as much as possible once on the road as firstly I have to find a water supply, then get the water on board,  Everything that goes down the plugholes goes into a storage tank which then has to be got rid of again, so the less washing up there is to be done the better.            


Yes, I definitely think I could get to like this life!