The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






On the Sunday in between being “at home” to guests, I moved in some of the things I think I may need.  Its so difficult knowing what to take and what to leave.  I am sure I shall have made lots of wrong decisions, but hopefully nothing too major


Two friends, met whilst I was selling off the last of the bits and bobs from the chicken keeping years had thought they may be able to visit and give me some tuition as to the manoeuvring of Thebus, but in the event got delayed.  They are really great –  Sally and Niner – and there will be lots more about them later on.  


From a lovely clear mild sunny day the weather gradually changed back to wind and rain for the evening so when I went to bed there was a reasonable amount of buffeting and Thebus moved a little, but certainly not anything really noticeable.  But in the middle of the night I became aware of  a steady sort of thumping and rocking, almost like the heart beat of a large animal.  I thought at first it was the wind, but when it happened again, this time lasting a little longer, I noticed it was not in time with the gusting of the wind.


Thebus was parked up on the driveway  in front of my own house, which is in the middle of the countryside, and the electric gates at the end of the long drive were securely shut, otherwise I might have thought someone was trying to get in, but surely Phoebe would have woken she is such a good watch.


The frequency and intensity was increasing with each time whatever it was repeated the process.   Now it almost felt like an animal such as a horse or cow having a scratch against the projecting slides, but I sold all the livestock ages ago, and no-one had anything nearby, being winter most were snug in their winter quarters.


Its fortunate I am not  a nervy person, the rhythmic throbbing was beginning to feel how I might imagine it to be inside the belly of a very large animal.  Was Thebus' character developing to such an extent he was actually coming to life?


Are the hairs on the back of your neck beginning to stand up just a little?  


Well they were on the back of Phoebe’s neck as the galloping and chasing dream she had been having now developed into a full blown baying and chasing dream.  Puzzle solved!


It reminded me of when I had Jason, my first black Dane back in the sixties.  I was staying with my Mum, and in a strange house people-guarding dogs like to be near to their owners and Jason had taken up position lying next to my bed but leaning against it.


During the night he must have slipped onto his side, and in his dreams as he bounded through the imaginary fields had gradually pushed himself entirely under the bed.


So the middle of the night when he decided to lie on his other side  I was awoken thinking there was some sort of earthquake, as I was thrown from side to side on the bed.  Leaping out in panic I could see the bed was visibly bucking and lifting from the floor, and being half asleep it took me a while to realise what was going on, as by then Jason had entirely disappeared from view.


Poor Jason must have thought was paralysed in some way as he was in the pitch dark and unable to get up.  I had to calm him down, then getting hold of his legs slide him back out again


Oh the joys of owning a Great Dane  -  but I really have loved everyone one of them.