The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






The day dawned bright and clear after the frosty night - my first in Thebus - it was a lovely quiet night as well, no howling gales and torrential rain, so although it was all new and strange and I heard every little noise as least I got a bit of sleep.


Phoebe was ok though she did meander into the bedroom a couple of times in the night.  I let her out in case she wanted to “do” something, but she promptly went round to the kitchen door and barked to be let in.  Though with a bit of whistling she came back to Thebus's door.


She is having a bit of trouble with the steps to get in.  The bottom two extend electronically and automatically as one opens the door, which is really neat.  They are metal but with some anti-slip in the middle to make it safe to get up them with wet feet, which everyone has after the last few days almost incessant downpours.  Then the top four are a bit steeper but with some footwiping carpet bits on them.  Phoebe is happy with the top four, but not keen on the bottom two, with the result that the front half of the dog rises higher and higher while the back end remains rooted on terra fima.


Eventually we have a really looooong dog nearly on its belly, when, with a sudden leap the backside tries to rejoin the front end.  By which time it has moved slightly to one side of the extending steps as it feels it is a shorter distance from Thebus's inside floor, but of course when backside finally makes the effort its feet land on the polished rather than non slip bit which results in an ungainly flailing of legs in all directions.  Very traumatic for all concerned.  I have tried pulling from the front end in encouragement or shoving from the back in farmer mode – geruptheregirl!  Neither works.  I hope she can sort it out.  Thebus is parked by the front porch and Phoebe sulks on there a bit sometimes before having another go.  Its rather worrying as she is a big heavy dog, and I don't want her damaging any bits of her, and she its just too large to assist in any way.


I have a very black eye this morning, but thanks to the Arnica the swelling is going down very quickly and it really isn't as painful as it might have been.  I remember having a black eye playing doubles at badminton back in the 70's before I had even heard of homoeopathy.  I was at the front covering the net and a very tall guy on the opposite side did a fast forehand smash right into my eye, and it was black, blue, purple and green and yellow in succession over a period of six weeks.  


Is it as embarrassing for a man to have a black eye as a girl?   As a female it is somehow always assumed you are victim of some sort of abuse.  Still I suppose if you are a man perhaps they think you have been in a fight?


I have found a spare contact lens, and once I can open the eye sufficiently I will try it in, but at the moment I one eye will have to do.


I had posted my problem with the electric on some of the forums in the hope that someone might know the answer, but I think a lot of these vehicles are individuals so everything is not always situated in the same place.  I will get to know where things are and how it all works in the fullness of time, though I could do with speeding things up at present.  


In the event last night I thought it better to just switch everything off  and as long as the night was not too too cold things would be ok.  I actually didn’t realise how cold the night was as when I woke in the morning there was a thick frost everywhere. And I did wake quite early - around five'ish - mainly because Phoebe  must have thought it was getting a bit nippy and came to tell me.


We soon had the generator on and some heat, but considering how cold it had been I felt Thebus had performed quite well so his insulation must be reasonably good.  


As I mentioned before his side windows are double glazed, then there is a mosquito baffle on the opening lights, and also a built in concertina blind both of which must add a bit more insulation. The big window at the front has concertina blinds which pull round on a rail, very well thought out - giving privacy and warmth and making the living space feel really cosy at night.


So with the heater on, pot of tea on the stove, mifi working and laptop fired up I found I had a reply from the dealership who also participate in the forums,  their electrician would phone later in the day.  Which he did – how good is that for aftersales service?  A phone call on a Sunday morning, and in the middle of the Christmas break. It turned out to be a switch in the bedroom cupboard and once reset everything sprang into life.  I had discovered the main fuse board where everything was looking fine, but never thought to check in the wardrobe above.


I did notice however, that I have used a third of a tank of propane since it was delivered on Friday after lunch so I will have to bear that in mind.


I had various admiring visitors throughout the day.  Lots of folk locally know of my intended travels and popped by to have a look at Thebus before the “off”  Everyone was very complimentary about him, and I think it was all genuine as he really is rather a handsome beast - though perhaps a little flashier than I would normally have choosen!