The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters







Portree is the largest town on Skye and was quite busy, the narrow streets making it impossible to park Thebus anywhere near enough for me to walk and see the apparently very pretty harbour


I did, however manage to park in the Co-op Carpark, to do a major restock of food for Phoebe and me, though Thebus was left out of the refilling, as there was no LPG available in Portree.  


One of the main industries in Skye is fishing, and shopping in the local Co-op was a happy experience, with an excellent choice of wonderful fresh salmon and shellfish, so it was definitely scallops and prawns on the menu for the week, and beautifully fresh and tasty they were too.  


I had decided to head further north towards Staffin  Museum, as I had read that close by were some Dinosaur Footprints made millions of years ago, but still visible in situ on the rocky shoreline, and there were several other interesting places to visit along the same road.  


The first was the spectacular rock formation I think known as The Old Man of Storr.  I could see these rocky pinnacles in the far distance, but had to wait for a while until I could pull in to take a photo, being so focused on the rocks, I wasn’t aware the layby where I had parked was next to a beautiful foaming white waterfall. But then, all of a sudden there were men in full kilted regalia and pretty ladies in high heels, not something one expects to see out on the moorland.  As they all jumped out of their cars and headed over the fence I realised it was a wedding party come for photos, so having asked them if they minded I took some photos of my own, and if I can ever get the photos back from the laptop - which a few days later suffered from a horrid virus that corrupted a lot of my data, I will add them at the bottom of the page (it looks like they are gone for good - sorry)


I left them arranging the bride and groom in various fetching poses and headed on towards the museum and also an Art Cafe nearby which I had heard was interesting and had good food.  First though we passed Kilt Rock, and I couldn’t help thinking that the Bridal Party, kilted as the men were, might have got some good photos there as well, but when we pulled in to the carpark, there they were there ahead of us having by-passed Thebus on one of my many pull-ins allowing my tail-back to disperse.  


At Kilt Rock the carpark was easy for Phoebe to walk across without danger, and as there was then a large viewing area for this well known rock formation, plus beautiful views out across the sea to Raasay I thought Phoebe could come out to get a bit of air and enjoy the views with me.  There were quite a few tourist there already, mostly from the Continent or America, and Phoebe was a great hit, getting lots of attention and stroking, with many asking if they could have a photo taken with her.  All of which she lapped up, and the bridal photographer took some of her with the bride and groom - if I get a copy by email I will post them at the bottom of the page as well, with hopefully the ones I took of Kilt Rock, though for the moment I will borrow one from Wikipedia for you.















































On then to the museum, housed in a quaint and seemingly very old stone Croft House.  As it was not open I could only peer in through the windows at the fossils on display.  It looked like the Art Cafe was further on up the very narrow roadway to the side of the museum. Someone was out working in their garden next door so I went to ask if he thought we would make it up there in Thebus.  He thought it unlikely, plus there would be nowhere for us to turn at the end, then with Phoebe having had even more fuss and admiration we drove on, now with the intention of trying a local caravan site for the night, in the hope of some internet, as it was difficult to plan where to go next.  


Kilt Rock, Ellishadder