The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters








I woke to a totally calm and peaceful scene, the water lapping quietly at the shore. Delightful.


At eight-thirty they phoned from the garage stocking the Autogas,  Yes they were open today so come anytime.  On the way there a few cars had built up behind me and I pulled in to what I assumed was a layby – one of those in and out ones, as I could see an exit about fifty yards further up.  It turned out that it was on old loop of single track road left from the straightening and widening, and the bit I had turned into simply lead, quite steeply, down to a couple of small crofts.  Immediately I realised my mistake and stopped, there would be nowhere at all to turn so I would have to reverse out onto the main road.  Bad enough but the scraping and moaning that Wretched Rack put up was even worse.  Anyway we escaped and made it to the garage.  


The forecourt was pretty full of cars, and the pump was right in the corner so when I thought I was near enough Thebus was still about a foot too far away.  Walking round the back I was horrified to see that Wretched Rack had, for once, a reason for scaping and moaning, as he was pretty crumpled up on the one side.  


As he has been so awkward to use I have only used the scooter twice in all the time I have had it, and though I have had to take it off more times than that it was not for my benefit.  So......I thought I would take the opportunity of getting the Wretched Rack REMOVED  - it would obviously not survive the roads here and had been getting lower and lower slung, and the last layby had proved the final straw.


The guys there were really helpful and it was off in no time at all.  I felt almost lighter just looking at Thebus, and when I got in to drive him – well it was like having long hair, and then having it cut short.  


The scenery on the trip to Loch Ewe was just stunning.  I think I will let the photos do the talking.

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view10 view 11 view2

Having got there we booked into a Camping and Caravan Club site right on the shores of Loch Ewe, and the gardens and grounds were immaculately kept and full of beautiful flowers and shrubs a real credit to the folk in charge there, but somehow I preferred my night before in the layby. Once we were settled in I took Phoebe for a little walk to the churchyard just up the way which apparently had a Pictish burial stone, I must admit I took quite a few photos of other more interesting looking stones till I realised which one it was.  There was yet another ruined church there, though the burial ground was still very much in use.  Quite a conundrum, and something I would like to know more about.

Poolewe Celtic Stone Poolewe old stone Poolewe old marker stones Poolewe Old Stones


Pictish Stone




Poolewe Church

Yet another totally ruinous church in a lovingly tended and cared for graveyard

Poolewe modern memorial

Rather touching memorial in the newer part of the graveyard