The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters





Feeling rather sorry for myself today


When Thebus arrived he had all the bits to connect him to the electric on a caravan park, but unfortunately none of my sockets here at home had the correct pins for his line.  So yesterday I ran the generator to get some heat and  light.   But apparently you should not run the generator overnight whilst asleep and I am thinking that Phoebe, rather like the frost tender plants in spring will need a little hardening off before we can go without heat all night, having been spoilt and used to spending her nights in the kitchen with the Aga at one end and the remains of the overnighting wood fire at the other.


When I first had her she, like all my other dogs before her, slept out in one of the two snug wooden kennels which I had built in an open fronted old stone barn.  Inside this cosy kennel was a huge dog basket fitted with a big bean bag.  Ok if it was extra cold or they were ill they were allowed to stay in the dog beds in the kitchen, but somehow it wasn't long before Phoebe was spending every night in the kitchen.  Similarly non of my animals have ever been allowed on the furniture, or even in any part of the house bar the kitchen, but Phoebe has the run of the house, and more often than not sleeps on the settee with me whilst I am watching tv. Though she always waits to be invited – well almost always! Is she a charmer, or am I just getting mellower with age?  


I have to say the settee in Thebus is nice, but there is not quite enough room for the two of us, or should I say there is not quite enough room for me – Yes that is probably closer the truth.


Anyway back to today's tale of woe.  


I wanted to spend the night in Thebus partly because I have already made up the bed and I will have to drag everything back to the house bedroom as I only kept back one duvet and bed from the auction, partly because I am eager to get started with my new life, and partly because now I have spent the day with Phoebe in Thebus, which is obviously a big culture shock to a dog who doesn’t like the car at all, I don't want to allow her to spend the night indoors and then have to cope with all the change again tomorrow morning


So I started moving things in.  I put an electric blanket on the bed.  I want to be as comfortable as I can because this will be my home for quite some while as I travel.  I will have to see about buying a property as a base though, and probably somewhere in the UK is best it just depends on how much I enjoy my new life and whether the four fold increase in insurance premium is worth being regarded as an intinerant.  A six months or so of touring will give me an idea I think.


But I haven't even started out yet, so first things first I need to bring those necessities, or at least what this total novice feels might be necessities and stow them in places where they won't fly around in all directions once Thebus gets on the road.


Thebus is parked outside my front door; the kitchen and bedroom are at the very far end of this very long house, and everything I think I might need is in either one of the other of these two rooms, which involves a lot of up and down steps and trekking through endless rooms and hallways, but eventually I have some bits and bobs inside, the bed is made up and I am in the frame of mind to sleep in my new home.  But there is a fly in the ointment I have the potential for power, but can't make it work.  


I removed the bit at the end of the lead which didn’t fit and replaced it with a normal three pin type plug which does fit the usual house sockets, a pretty difficult task as the lead wire is so very thick.  I eventually managed the get it wired but the electrics in Thebus still didn’t work.


I tried switching everything on and off again that I could (I think that must be the first day's lesson for all budding electrical engineers).  I contacted everyone I thought might know what I was doing wrong.  I even read the instruction manual.  I know, I know.  If all else fails read the instructions.  But this is an American bus and the entire instruction manual is concerned with telling you not to do anything that could possibly lead to them being sued, with the result they forget to tell you how to actually do anything.


Mind you I could hardly blame the manufacturers for the fact I was stuck inside Thebus for over half an hour yesterday evening as I JUST COULD NOT get the door to open.  I had been in and out of the doorway with the nice young man who had delivered Thebus quite a few times, but after he left I decided that as heating was on I would close the door. When I went to open it I could not budge it.  I had my phone but not his mobile number, and in any case he had only just left.  How embarrassing after he had just spent two hours explaining how things worked – Excuse me how do I open the door.  Eventually in exasperation I must have given it a shove and it just swung open.  Of course I had been trying to slide it .  I think because the little fly guard bit slides one somehow assumes the rest of the door does the same – which of course it doesn't


So back again to today.  I had bought myself a little electrical tester as I thought it would be a useful thing to have around on a journey where there would be many gizmos which might need testing.


OK - I know I am a dumb woman, but it took me ages to realise it needed batteries before it would work.  So..... that problem sorted and having re-opened the plug to recheck my wiring I used the tester and it lit up and buzzed at the appropriate times which told me everything on the wiring front was ok.


It was now about ten in the evening but I decided to test the wire all the way back to where it entered the rv, and of course bent double in the damp and dark I stood up and turned round...... right into the solid metal corner of the bedroom slideout.   Fortunately (one has to look on the bright side) the metal corner got me just above the eyebrow and just below the eye on the bone of the eye socket.  I could say I saw stars, but that sounds far too romantic.  


I am a great fan of homoeopathy so as soon as I could think straight I went to get some Arnica.


Moving everything I shall need from the house to Thebus earlier today I was trying to carry too much and managed to drop the boxes where all my homoeopathic remedies are usually filed neatly in alphabetical order.  I wasn't bothered and scooped them back up to sort out later.  So I was then confronted with a great heap of various bottles.  That was when I realised the collision with the metal corner must have knocked my contact lens out, so trying to see what I was doing by the failing light from a slightly broken head torch (good one on order but not arrived yet), with only one eye focusing, whilst  feeling rather sick and dizzy was not much fun, and would you believe it was the very last bottle in the pile that was the one I wanted


Well I am going to try and go to sleep now, and as they say in “Gone with the Wind”







Thebus before the alterations

Inside Thebus