The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters



lerwick celandines3






I wanted to stay on until the Wednesday but there was no space for Thebus the ferry that day so we had to take a Monday sailing.  On Saturday the lovely couple who had directed me to the carpark offered to take me over to Tingwall Market, as a local sheepskin tanner had a stall at the monthly market there and I wanted to buy a Shetland Sheepskin rug as a memento of my happy time here.  We had a lovely day, mooching round the market and I bought a really lovely sheepskin with pretty markings, plus some Reestit mutton - which I later used to make a Shetland Mutton Broth which tasted delicious -  and some absolutely wonderful gateau.


Their two daughters lived in Burra and each month the fishermen there donate freshly caught haddock, then fish and chips are cooked at the community hall and sold to boost hall funds, so I was invited along to the family fish supper, and given a lift as well.  The fish and chips, as you might expect were top class, and it was lovely to meet up with all family and share a meal.


Next day I got another call and was given a whirlwind car tour of lots of bits of Shetland that I had missed – I must say he was a much speedier driver than I.  

lerwick trip lerwicktrip lerwick celadine1






Then a last farewell to everyone and onto the ferry and sadly leave Shetland behind.  But I have many fond memories, and think it will be calling me back until I return.

lerwick celandines2

View on my whirlwind trip

Part of a field of celandines  - but the area was about a hundred times bigger, and completely covered from end to end.  

Its one of the few places in Shetland with trees

Lerwick Caravan

The remains of a caravan brought over by some Irish Scrap Dealers

and destroyed in last years gales, apparently with someone in it, though luckily he escaped unharmed

Lerwick Boat house

House in Lerwick where a boat has been used as a garage roof

Lerwick -Float Man

Yellow Head Man


Not having to concentrate on the road gave me a good chance to really look round at the scenery, and also ask about things which had puzzled me – such as why were there odd things dotted round the island for no apparent reason.  This question was prompted as we had just passed this strange head on a fence post...... Oh, that's easy .  They're just markers – this particular on was to show where a local's house was, so if he came back on the bus a bit the worse for wear and it was a strange bus driver he could just say – drop me off by the yellow head on the fence.  


I had variously seen a full sized model of a sheep complete with raddle, a wedding couple about ten feet high, a dolphin, a whale, a shetland pony, and lots of other weird and wonderful objects.



On my last day I had another knock at the door, well not so much a knock as a lady outside walking round and round Thebus.  When I opened the door, it turned out she was a reporter from the local newspaper.  As the caravan park had been closed many of the locals were suggesting that the carpark I was in should be used instead, and the paper wanted to interview me and get my thoughts.


So I hit the headlines in the local rag – well not actually – I think I was on about page thirty-six! I certainly wasn't on page three!

Marina and Mum

Shetland Times Reporter come to interview us

Marina and Mum


Lerwick Harbour from Northlink Ferry

63-Leaving Shetland Leaving Lerwick

Lerwick as Ferry pulls out


Bressay Ferry crossing to Lerwick

63-LeavingLerwick 63-Bressaylighthouse

Leaving Lerwick

Bressay Lighthouse

Noss Cliffs with Mainland in the distance

Fair Isle

Fair Isle


Farwell to Shetland





64-Shetland Times

Then, not much later, there was another knock on the door! and this time it was Marina and her mother come to take me for a farewell lunch, so we had a lovely meal together and I got to eat roast Shetland Lamb before I left, which was absolutely delicious.