The World is my Lobster........I never did like oysters






As I said I had panicked somewhat when the cashier at Tesco said South Nesting was about thirty miles away.  To be fair, she did say she never left Lerwick, and in the event it was only fifteen or less, but by then it was coming on to rain heavily, and expecting it to be further I nearly missed the turning.


By now the wind was really howling and the rain pouring down.  Apart from a sign to South Nesting that seemed to be it as far as directions went, and I quickly found myself confronting a junction with no indication as to which turning might be the correct one.  My inclination was to follow the edge of the loch or voe I was by, but thank goodness, for some reason I decided to turn to the left instead, and seeing a house with its sitting room light on I pulled on my coat and hat and ran through the downpour.  


Yes - I was on the right road.  Just follow on round past the school, and I would see the hall, and as there had been a fund raising Sunday Tea there that afternoon and there may still be someone there.  I did find it, though by the time I arrived everyone had gone, and the wind was so strong, that once I opened Thebus' door I simply could not get it to shut again, and eventually had to turn him so the door was on the leeward side.  


All in all not the most auspicious start.  But the nice lady volunteer who looked after the site soon turned up and apparently I was their very first visitor to the site, as it was a new venture to try and help raise funds for the upkeep and running expenses of the community hall.   I must admit to feeling shattered by then, and was glad to have arrived and just have a place to stop.


By next day the rain and wind had all blown over and the the skies cleared to give a beautiful blue day and a fine view out over the rocky landscape, now greening in the spring weather, with sheep calmy grazing in the foreground, a pair of swans thinking of nesting on the loch beyond, and views of the sea off to the side.








































































































Bannocks seem to be a cross between a light scone,  and a rich bread.  Really nice, and her Treacle Bannocks....... scrumptious, light as a feather with just a hint of gingerbread about them.  If you are in Shetland and your Bannocks are not absolute perfection, then go to South Nesting for some hints and tips.








Nesting - 3 pretty girls on Yawl practice nesting4 Nesting1 nesting2 nesting3




Morning View from Thebus Window



But once again, as at Burravoe, I woke with a headache – unusual for me - and felt I really didn't want to do anything but sleep.  I thought at first, as I had thought at Burravoe, that it was some twenty four or forty eight hour bug I had picked up, but I am beginning to  feel it might be my body saying I need to stop and take some time out, and if I am not prepared to be sensible and do it myself it will jolly well step in and force me to take a break.  


So we spent a relaxing and enjoyable few days at South Nesting.  It is very quiet and peaceful there, and luckily I found that my little mi-fi unit located an excellent internet connection, which allowed me to catch up with a few things, and add a few pages to the journal. The South Nesting site looks out northwards and I think had the northern lights been doing anything it would have been a very good place to have seen them.  Apparently the photos taken at their  Up Helly Aa - which I would have visited had it not been for all the delays with the Wretched Rack - were taken with the Northern Lights dancing above them.  


The lady who looks after the hall was very kind, and I am sure had I needed anything she would have helped, but having just had a fresh re-stock at Tesco's we had everything we needed.  But she very kindly gave me some eggs from her own chickens, and sent some absolutely delicious home made bannocks.  I think she said her mother-in-law is the one who makes them, and she is such a good Bannock Maker that they regularly hold Bannock Making Classes at the hall.


The Bannochs were delivered one evening by three delightful young ladies who had just been to Yoal Practice at the hall. ( A yoal is a Shetland rowing boat, now used for races and is rowed by teams of three rowers each using a pair of oars, rather than with the older larger sixareens which had six rowers each using one oar. )

Rather blurry photo of the three delightful young ladies who form the South Nesting Ladies Yoal Team

And delivered my delicious Bannocks